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Alien Decption

Many people today believe in the possibility of alien life, or believe aliens are actually visiting the Earth right now. There exists a large body of evidence that points toward - not aliens - but some other intelligent force that seems to want very strongly to shape mankind's beliefs about God, religion, as well as dispensing advise on how mankind should proceed with the care taking of the planet, and surviving the Armageddon scenes and scenarios the 'aliens' bring about in their channeling sessions.


Most importantly, the 'aliens' tell us that we ourselves are gods, and at the coming cosmic war we must accept them as our 'space brothers'. We must avail ourselves to their thoughts and opinions on any matter.


These sessions are rituals that involve the 'extraterrestrial being' taking control of a willing person's body for a short time while they relate their desired communication.UFO Popular Mechanics


Secular researchers such as Jaques Valleh, and J. Allen Hynek have come to the conclusion that these 'aliens' are nothing of the sort. They more closely resemble demons, and demonic beings from the ancient world. The end game to all of this is still quite unclear. However, the goal of a demon is to reap as many souls as possible into hell. By using deception to cloud the mind of belief in God, a demon can accomplish that goal. Introducing the idea of an alien race, that has existed for billions of years, this casts the Bible, and God Himself into doubt.


These diabolical messages are nothing more than deceptive nonsense, let alone blasphemous. While this is quite obvious for most, there are websites that are parading these messages from "aliens" as truth, with millions of people who belief in falsehoods.


Bold Theories Regarding Reasons Behind Alien Visitation


One day in the future, when judgement day is close, there is a theory of mile-wide UFOs appearing above all major cities in the world. At this point, the antichrist would already be on the scene, and people will told there is no God of the Bible, and that "look" - the aliens have created mankind. There is already a large population of people who would believe this today, let alone in a future with mile-wide UFOs on the scene. The belief in God is under attack in every corner of the world. Those who believe in God are frowned upon as backwards, and people with low IQ. They are also labeled as fearful of death, needing a crutch to support them in this fear. [I strongly disagree]


Moving on with the hypothesis, at this point, the world would also have a single currency, and under the utter and complete control of the New World Order and it's leader, the antichrist. All the technology to do this and more exists today in 2015. The theory then states that Satan, with the help of his soldier the antichrist, will require all humans to take a "mark" that is actually a genetic alteration that changes human DNA permanently into a new created being. Again, Satan is trying to change his future and defeat the God of the Bible in this way. Satan is trying to become God by implanting his seed into mankind, and thereby destroying God's creation.


Of course, without the mark, no man will be able to buy or sell as the Bible states. The Bible also states that those who take the mark are instantly damned and can never be redeemed. Great sores will break out upon them, and they will wish that they had never been born. This will be very close to the final battle of Armageddon, where God will have to intervene, defeat Satan, and cast him into hell. The Bible states that if God did not intervene during Armageddon, all of mankind would go extinct.  Again, Armageddon is easily possible with today's technology since the invention of the atomic bomb.

Satan's DNA 


No one knows the time or hour. But an Armageddon scenario has never before been possible until the nuclear bomb was dropped on Japan. Now there are enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over let alone one time. For 1945 years since the time of Christ, mankind had no ability to kill every living thing on Earth as it does today.


Demonic Messages from Aliens in human bodies


So I've decided to take a closer look at the actual messages. Although it is plain for many to see that these channeled messages are a complete lie, it is always useful to know your enemy. So for many decades now, messages appear that contradict the Bible and Jesus in amazing ways. The messages are have to have come from aliens that are visiting Earth in their UFOs. However, there is never an alien or UFO in sight during the transcribing of the subject matter. They are brought forth from a human who 'channels' that message, has been hypnotized, or is in some kind of trance. In other words, brought forth by OCCULT means.


It is also amazing how often UFOs crash, given all of their fantastic technology created by these so called alien beings.  A close examination of the UFO phenomena shows there are too many deceitful events occurring that involve such.  The channeled messages are a critical component. In the 1950s, these 'extraterrestrials' claimed to be from Venus and Mars. After mankind sent probes to the nearby planets, we learned that biological life does not exist there. Fast forward to today, and now the claim is they are from Zeti Reticuli, which is over 39 light years away. Close enough that we are aware of it's existence, but far enough away we could never test those claims with today's technology.

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