Thursday, February 02, 2023

Sand Mountain, Alabama

Press Conference - Fyffe, Alabama

"Presented by the Fyffe Police Department; Fyffe, Alabama"

Charles "Junior" Garmany, Chief of Police

Boyd Graben, Mayor, City of Fyffe

Ted Oliphant, Investigating Officer

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 1993, 1 P.M..


Beginning in November of 1992, the Fyffe Police Department has been conducting
an investigation into unexplained cattle mutilations in cooperation with
neighboring police and law enforcement agencies. These reported incidents began
on October 20, 1992 and have continued through the last week in Marshall and
DeKalb counties.

To date over thirty (30) animals have been discovered dead in pastures with
various internal and external organs missing. The incisions examined on there
animals exhibit a precise surgical cutting. In many of the cases there has been
evidence of extremely high heat at the tissue excisions.

The absence of
physical evidence adds to the mystery at the majority of mutilation sites.
Though many animals have been found in soft pasture land, and in many cases
mud, there have been no footprints, tracks, or marks found anywhere near the
mutilated animals.

To date no police agency has established a suspect or motive for these
incidents of phantom surgery perpetrated on area livestock. Neither has an
eyewitness or informant come forward to offer any credible insight or

The first documented incident of cattle mutilation was reported on October 20,
1992 by Albertville cattle farmer John Strawn. The animal was discovered in a
wooded area of Mr. Strawn's pasture by a neighbor who found the animal dead,
lying on its side. The animal's entire milk sac was missing with no evidence of
blood on the animal, nor on the ground where it lay. The neighbor said the
neat, oval incision where the udder had been removed appeared to be charred.