Disembodied Voice Strikes Fear

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Oscar Swan Inn Geneva Illinois

1902 named after oscar swan and his family. The house has seven bedrooms and sleeps up to 21 people. There is a barn, and the original structure is still there from the 1900s. People are sometimes nervous to approach this place and are struck with feelings of anxiousness. Even during the day, there is an eerie feeling that people receive, as if there is someone there watching or following them. Chills, goosebumps, and an overwhelming sense of creepiness are reported. There is also a strong sense of being told to get out.

A lot of guests that stay at the mansion experience many sorts of paranormal activity. Footsteps, doors opening and closing, Locked doors that were shut suddenly appearing open and unlocked. People have reported apparitions of a little girl playing peek-a-boo on the stairs, people are scratched, and objects move and fall to the floor by unseen power.

In the basement, fearsome growling sounds, although there is nothing and no one there.

The Barn

Pysicics report there is a portal on the second level of the barn where entities are entering. It is unknown if this portal was opened by residents past preforming some sort of ceremony or ouija board session gone wrong. Voices appear on audio recorders in this building. Whistling from nowhere has been captured as well.

The most disturbing evidence is an evp recording captured by a demonic voice that states in creepy, and gutteral, sound, "Get Out of My Houuse....". The recordiing is striking, in it's effectiveness at making one's skin crawl.

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