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Susan Lewis's Account

This is Susan's account of "The poltergeist" as shown on paranormal witness in her own words.

In October 2005 we started building the cattery. we had to move the cats out of the house. Jim built a huge cage, with 5 rooms, doors, storage areas, comfy shelves and boxes for the cats to sleep in, feeding areas. It was was shaded with bamboo and had electricity for fans to keep it cool in the summer. He also built a pet door from the cage into the house. After it was finished, and the cats all situated, we started adding the rooms to the garage.

Susan Lewis

Jim got my kids to help him, we had a great time. My son was banging away with hammers and my daughter was learning how to use a power drill. Jim is a great cook and after working all day outside, he’d fix meals for everybody and we would gather and eat and talk or do whatever. It was good times.

t was about this time that some very odd things started happening.

It started in my daughter’s room. She would find bleach spilled in her underwear drawer. or soda or coffee spilled in the very center of her bed. It was about this time that the porch light outside the front door stopped working, or worked when it wanted to. We didn’t connect anything at this point, we thought it was the dogs spilling stuff, or the few cats we allowed to stay in the house.

Jamie Skipper

Jamie Skipper

Then, there were messes in the bathroom. We’d find full rolls of toilet paper stuffed in the toilet. Then we’d find all the shampoo bottles, deodorants, and anything else from the shelves, piled in the bathtub.

Jim was putting up temporary walls in the garage..2 rooms, with outlets for electricity. In the end, it was never hooked up. The outlets and wires are still there. It was about this time, that the electricity in half the house went out, and we could never find what was causing it.

It was hot during the summer, and we didn’t want to run the AC, so we fitted screen doors to the kids rooms, so they could keep their respective kitties or pets in with them, and allow the breeze from outside to flow thru the house.

September 3rd, 2006 was the first day of my 2 weeks of vacation. The very first day things went from bad to worse. At night, the thing would go absolutely crazy in the house. It dumped and spilled and sprayed EVERYTHING from the kitchen, on the walls, floors, ceilings. It got hold of some black RIT dye, dumped it on the bathroom floor and piled things on top of that. It smeared Vaseline all over the house, several times. The things it did, every day, every night, kept me sleepless and tired and anxious for 12 days straight.

We did see things. We saw things fly off shelves. I watched a Bible thrown from behind Kayla, (Jim’s daughter). She was the only one who would NOT keep a bible in her room.

From that time on, if we bought a gallon of milk, it was dumped. If we bought a bag of was dumped, in the coffee pot, in he cupboards, all thru the house, poured into the motor in the fridge.

It would not let us keep groceries. For months, our fridge remained empty of anything..we would buy each day what we needed, it wouldn’t allow us to keep food in the fridge or the pantry.

It wrote on the walls…It wrote the word “vent”. We don’t know why. But, we would find various belongings of Jamie’s stuck in the vents or inside the vents. WE were amazed at this…because the vents had not been unscrewed from the wall. It wrote on the kitchen floor with something to this day I was not able to scrape off.

It would play with the electricity. When my daughter was going out to pick up her husband from work, it would wait till she got to the front door, and shut off the lights. (she had to pick him up at 11 pm every night) When she returned, her cat would be missing..a window open, or the front door wide open. We spent MONTHS outside,at night, searching for her cat. The thing would concentrate on her cat. We even TAPED and glued the sliding windows would literally RIP them open, rip the window screens. We finally had to close all the windows and screw them shut. It didn’t stop it. It BLEW doors and windows open, angry and powerful.

When she approached in her car up the driveway, it would wait till she stepped out, then the lights would go out. Getting in the front door was always frightening for either of us. One night, I’d worked late, and the lights went out when I parked my car in the driveway. Jim had given me a little key chain light, several times when I would unlock the door, it would lock it again before I could open it. Or it would barricade the door.

One Saturday morning, Jamie and I were cleaning up one of it’s messes from it’s rampage. It was the last time we had spices in the house. It took a big can of Spaghetti sauce and dumped it on the floor, then it piled a whole bag of sugar, all the flour and anything else it could find on top of that. When I finally got the dry stuff up, I found foot prints in the dried sauce. These were not footprints of a person living in our house. We took photos of them. They were 2 sets, of the same large, one smaller. They were bulbous,bulky prints, larger than our own feet. It really frightened us. The feelings I got from those prints were deeply frightening and I didn’t know what to do.

All of these things never occurred when: Kay was away or asleep Jamie would not go in the garage/new bedrooms. She saw things out there. Both Jamie and Kay were afraid to be in the front yard, especially at night when they had to go look for Jamie’s cat.

We have photos of the front yard, black and whites, by flash. There are shadows…humps, things standing there.

The first 2 months of 2007 were the worst. It moved furniture. It threw everything it could at my daughter’s door, including knives, cans, pots and pans, dishes. It wrote on the walls, it hid things in the vents. We couldn’t keep toilet paper, paper towels, soap, shampoo or any kind of personal need in the house. Every time we bought toilet paper, it would dump it in the toilet. It took cell phones, the first was put in the toilet. The second, mine, was dumped in my coffee cup when I fell asleep.

It put the third in the peanut butter jar. It banged on the walls, killed kittens, made us sick with fear and frustration. It punched holes in the bedroom doors using an 8 lb mallet, bent the doorknobs. It put fingernail polish inside the lock mechanism of the door knobs. We would go out a door, it would lock it behind us. It destroyed my dishwasher, plugged up the sink and flooded the house.

It would take things and stick them all over the house. It especially enjoyed taking my daughters tampons. Somehow, it knew when she needed them. She would go out and buy them, and ½ hour later they were taken, spread out all over the house, stuck in vents, in the stove, stuck to the walls with Vaseline. It toyed with us. It was vile, and evil.

Every day was some attack in one way or another. We would set the air conditioner at 81 degrees, it would set it at 79. I would turn off the AC at night before bed, in the morning it would be turned on and set at 79 degrees. There were so many things that it did, vile, vicious attempts to interfere with every aspect of our lives. It took every can or jar of flour, salt, coffee, tea, spices, sugar and piled it on the floor, over and over again. It took packaged cake icing and flung it around the living room, on the walls, ceilings, floors, next would be the goodies it found in the cat boxes, anything it could find in the pantry, was dumped, spread or flung about the house. It poured oil on my computer. It would set traps, such as balancing an egg on the bathroom door, that would fall when moved, or piling cinnamon and sugar on the ceiling fan, and when we walked into the room, would start the fan. It would put a lighter in the coffee pot (twice) which would explode. The second time, it blew the coffee pot apart.

We never knew what we would find when we opened a door, picked up trash or walked down the hall. In the beginning, some of the outrageous things it did made us laugh. We stopped laughing very soon. It started to attack our electronics. My brand new flat panel computer monitor was slashed several times. My daughter’s brand new Dell had shaving cream sprayed inside it, and other things we have yet to identify. Several times, in a matter of 10 minutes of leaving the keyboard of the computer, we would return to find piles of cat feces placed in perfect round piles on the keyboards. We would find my daughter’s bikini underwear up in the branches of the big pepper tree in our front yard.

It would toy with our cats. Every single time my daughter left the house she would return to find the window open, the cat out. One time, it tied the dog to a stool with her leash. It poured honey all over our crippled cat. It dunked one of them in a bucket of water. It poured oil on them.

It would lock the door behind us. It took my daughter’s car keys. It took shoes, phones. My son in law’s brand new steel toed boots are still missing.

It attacked my paintings. My paintings that took weeks to paint, my effort, my soul went into those paintings. I finally had to hide them away, hide my brushes, my supplies. It got hold of my original and AcEO prints..arranged them in a display, it wrote on one..the little cat taunted and teased,it got hold of my gesso and spun the jug around the kitchen..splashing everything within computer, my paintings, my floors, the windows the walls, the cabinets, it would take my paintings and hide them, in the freezer, the sink, the pantry. All that I created was attacked..the new paint on the walls..marred, defiled. The cabinets I re stained and sanded..scratched, written on, defiled with soap,bleach,cat feces,oil, grease, silver pen, it never ends.

The day it took my daughter’s car keys, it played with the stereo. It played songs that would talk about “why can’t you love me”. We don’t know how it accomplished it, but it play “Ghost Busters” 3 times in a row..from the radio stations…we don’t know how it did it. But one of my text messages from my daughter that day said, “it’s not bothering’s playing with the stereo”

We used to have over 500 digital photos, videos of the vicious attacks at my daughter’s bedroom door. We reached out, we contacted people. We had an investigative team come up from the San Diego area 5 times with all of the latest equipment. Their conclusions were vague, but informative. There was no solution to our “manifestations”, only advises. We had a cleansing, it didn’t work. Our family dynamics didn’t permit the unity needed to make this thing go away, according to them.

One night, Kay’s cell phone disappeared. Then my daughter started receiving calls, and vile, sexually natured text messages, and one with sound that to this day, still scares us. It threatened her. It threatened to take her phone. The next day, it took her phone right out of her pocket. This was 2 phones now, gone., but it continued to call her hubbies phone. She finally made a deal with it.

There was a little ceramic cat that I had put on the mantle, as a gift, a peace offering. Jim got crazy one night, said we could not deal with the devil, and threw the cat figurine over the back fence into the field behind us. The next day, the figurine was back on the mantle. Jim wouldn’t accept that. He smashed it. I believe this angered and escalated the occurrences.

Ephesians 5:11

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

The entity told Jamie on her phone that it would give her phone back if she would give it the cat. It was at this time, that the word “CAT” was written all over the house, in silver marker, black marker, on the walls, on the appliances, on the doors, on the garage door, on the outside of the house. She finally dug out one of her little cat figurines and offered it. The entity told her to put it in the microwave. She did. She found her phone in the microwave. But this did not stop it.

One day, Kay was home alone. While she was sitting on the couch, it moved every piece of furniture against the front door, while she WAS IN THE ROOM. Couch, entertainment center, recliners, EVERYTHING. When my daughter came home, she had to call her dad to help get the front door open. It took all evening to move all the furniture back, and then it did it again the next day.

My daughter’s room was the worst of the attacks. There are still eggs on the walls. The damage from the flooding, spilled milk, chocolate, shaving cream all over. The mattress soaked and smelling from sour milk. It would slam doors ALL NIGHT LONG. Kay typically would be awake all night, as would my daughter, as she could not sleep with the doors banging.

In March 2007, when my daughter was asleep, it spread toilet paper and paper towels all through the house and set 2 fires underneath them. That was the final straw. We think there was an entity that was looking out for trouble, but was dominated by the raging one. We think she is the one that threw the can in the bathtub, to wake Jamie up. When she came out of her room, there were 2 small fires in the hallway in bowls, under the toilet paper and paper towels. By this time, she was losing weight. Unable to leave her room for fear of having something thrown at her or being attacked in one way or another.

Jim actually had to patch the 2 bedroom doors, with spackle, loaded with Kosher salt. That stopped the attacks on the doors, but it didn’t stop the attacks on the screen doors. One morning, both screen doors had been removed from their hinges, and balanced so that when the girls opened their doors, the screen doors would fall on them. We rehung the screen doors several times. One night, it got so angry, it RIPPED Jamie’s screen door off it’s hinges and threw the door down the hallway.

This is when things started to escalate to dangerous. By this time, we had no heat, we had to unhook the stove and the dryer, turn the water off to the washing machine, (it plugged the drain pipes to the washing machine, flooding the house that way), it poured something down into the dishwasher and it burned out, the thermostat was missing, it smashed all the hall light globes, and it scratched and scraped my kitchen cabinets, my beautiful cabinets. It spread ketchup on the outside of the house, up the walkway from the driveway to the front door.

Kay wanted to have some of her friends over for a sleepover. I told her no. I couldn’t be responsible if they were frightened or attacked. I had to make a decision. This thing attacked when I and Jim were away or asleep. My daughter has been kept sleepless and terrorized, hungry, tired for months. This was my house, but I was also terrorized.

All of this is terrible, but there is more to the damage in deeply personal ways. This thing knew me and my daughter’s menstrual cycles, so much so, that no less than an hour before we needed personal needs, it would take them. It would spread them all over the house inside and out.

I’ve been back to the house since I moved. I walk in and look at the walls and the ceiling. It wrote on the walls. It spread cat feces,spaghetti sauce, chocolate, Vaseline, grease, oil on the ceiling.It looks so terrible. I remembered sadly, how I had repainted the walls after one of it’s attacks, and it attacked them again. I re-sanded and re stained my cabinets, and it attacked them again. The tiles on the floor are marred, stained. The walls in my daughter’s room still have the eggs and grease and craft sealer on them. It got hold of a craft glaze, which dries hard and clear, and sprayed it all over her walls, on my stove, my fridge. It poured something down into the door on the dishwasher which caused it to burn out. It’s all still there and it brings back nightmares. My house is in foreclosure now, and I have filed for personal bankruptcy. I lost everything. I have separated from my fiance - He got lost in all this, and couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes. He is convinced my daughter caused all this, but she would not do this to the house she grew up in. It didn’t matter how much she disagreed with him, she would never have called this thing.

We prayed and prayed, other people prayed for us. Nothing worked. It won. I lost. I had to move myself and my daughter away. I had to get away..I was afraid for my and my daughter’s life. Were the fires a message? I could no longer leave the house without fearing that it would do something else. I had to work, my daughter was being kept a prisoner in her own room. She couldn’t leave her room without something happening the minute she turned her back. She would wait till I got home just to take a shower, or feed her dog, or do her laundry. This thing was insidious, and it got dangerous. After the fires, we realized we were not going to get rid of it. It was time to leave.

This attack was in the extreme. We were told that it was an “elemental” and intelligent. There is much more to tell, but, way too much to put here. We lost track of the order of the events, things happened so quickly and over and over again. My daughter and I both suffer nightmares, and some of the events come back, some that we’d forgotten about, come back clear.

One Saturday, In March 2007, I dragged Jim outside to the front lawn, and tearfully, angrily, told him I had to make a decision, and that it was going to affect our lives. I told him I was going to have to separate from him and Kay, that I was losing the house, and I could no longer take the abuse. My daughter was getting sick, and I truly believed that after all the animals that have died, her life would be next. I told him this thing was too dangerous to try to overcome, and that I had lost faith in him to be able to do anything.I told him, no one in the family were close enough and cared enough for each other to be able to unite well enough to win this battle. It was as if he didn’t hear me. He didn’t know how to react.

This is true. This entity took my home and my family.

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