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Top 13 Haunted Houses -- Voted Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S.


Headless Horseman, Ulster Park, New York,


Cutting Edge Haunted House,  Ft. Worth, Texas,


Scarehouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,


The Beast & Edge of Hell,  Kansas City, Missouri,


Night Of Terror, Mullica Hill, New Jersey,


Bates Motel, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania,


The Darkness & Creepy World,  St. Louis, Missouri,


Erebus Haunted House, Pontiac, Michigan,


Netherworld, Atlanta area, Georgia,


Spookywoods, High Point, North Carolina,


Wisconsin Feargrounds, Waukesha, Wisconsin,


Seven Floors of Hell, Berea (Near Cleveland), Ohio,

The Niles Haunted House

Scream Park is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed haunted theme parks. Got that kids? Not a haunted attraction, ride, or house, –but an entire haunted theme park! There are 44 acres of haunted attractions, all ready for you to experience, and hopefully, survive to tell your friends.

Festival of the Dead

A Festival of the Dead in Salem, MA?! With events like vampire masquerade balls, and ghost hunts?! Woot! Sign us up, –there’s a never ending list of creepy events in Salem all year long! If you live on the east coast and love the rich history of horror and hauntings in Salem, Mass., you’ll be picking through the events with nail-biting eagerness!



Ever had an urge to explore the underground world? We’re not talking about the London subway system here, we mean the sewers, catacombs, and ancient crypts below the cities. Think crumbling insane asylums, the Paris catacombs, –but not the guided tours. These guys ‘infiltrate’ some of the most gloomy and disgusting places on earth, in ‘the zine about going places you’re not supposed to go.’



The Shadowlands

If you travel the local highways and byways seeking roadside attractions, UFO landing sites, real haunted houses and ghost towns, and trying to photograph Big Foot, then The Shadowlands is your online guide to finding all these out of the way locations. Bring your giant mosquito repellent, your heat seeking goggles, and of course, your genuine exorcism ritual documents, on your wild adventure through the weird.

The Mystery Spot

Is it a haunted house? A scientific anomaly? Proof that there is magick in the world? Or maybe a sign that aliens exist, and are coming to use our brains like AA batteries?! Who knows, but the mystery spot is one of the most puzzling roadside attractions since Captain Spalding’s Dr. Satan ride.



Prairie Ghosts

Ah, the Old West, where cowboys shot each other, pillaged, raped, and occasional let a girl or two join the club. If you think they’re done, you’re mistaken; the ghosts of the Old West live on, making mischief and mayhem wherever they may roam.



Nox Arcana

Scary soundscapes, used for Halloween parties, haunted houses, or just for freaky fun whenever you want, created by musician masterminds Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski.



Dream Reapers

Rated the best haunted house in Illinois for three years, Dream Reapers certainly deserves the title. Browse the creepy corridors this Halloween, but beware, and enter only if you dare.


Chicago Horror

All things horrific, horrible, and horror oriented, –at least in Chicago, can be found here. Events, concerts, haunted houses, even movie premiers, and weird news, can be found at ChicagoHorror.



The Dapper Cadaver

If you need a reason other than this site’s awesome name to visit, I’ll give you three: badass costumes, low prices, and a huge selection of every Halloween or haunted house prop you can think of.



BJ Winslow

One of the most awesome stores out there, BJ Winslow has everything you need whether you’re making a movie, or setting up a creepy haunted house. Best of all, you can rent props; for movie-makers or haunted house owners on a budget, BJ Winslow’s is perfect!

Every haunted house in the United States is listed here; at least, all the current ones. Not only is the information accurate, but it’s also constantly updated with new events, and locations!



Haunted House Chicago

People in the Chicago area are lucky; there’s an entire website dedicated just for horror and Halloween events in their area! Constantly updated, with all kinds of scary fun going on not just during Halloween, but all year long, if you live near or in Chicago, just check the site the next time you want to make any particularly creepy plans.

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