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A recent interview with Howard Storm, Aug 15, 2021



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Howard Storm's Near Death Experience (NDE) where as an atheist he went to Hell and then was saved by Jesus and shown Heaven and Angels. This is his testimony.

Howard Storm is now an American Christian minister, writer, and painter. He is a former professor and chairman of the art department at Northern Kentucky University. In 2000, he authored "My Descent Into Death", which chronicles his near-death experience.

Howard Storm was completely changed by his encounter with Jesus Christ when he died in 1985, and he is passionate about sharing what he has discovered with you.

He has been interviewed on dozens of national television shows and radio programs. He has traveled around the world and supported missions globally. Thousands of people have found happiness and peace with themselves and their Creator because of his influence. You can have complete security in your importance to God and your eternal future in heaven. Perhaps you have been disillusioned with religion? There is a no perfect church because the church is made of flawed humans.

Howard Storm and his wife Marcia

On June 1, 1985 while dying in a hospital in Paris, France he had a Near Death Experience that involved being tormented in hell, calling out to Jesus, being saved, given a life review, and having all his questions answered. From that experience he ceased being an atheist and is now a Christian pastor. He has written four books based on his experience and has participated in over thirty overseas mission trips and countless missions in the US. Currently there is a Hollywood movie being produced by Alcon Studios based on his story.

Howard is is currently serving St. Mark United Church of Christ, Latonia, KY.

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