Thursday, February 02, 2023

In late 1983, Don Decker, an unemployed 20 year old, was released from the local jail to attend his grandfather's funeral. He had lived with him, and after the burial he was taken in by a family on Ann Street in Stroudsburg.

Young Don didn't have many talents, but the one he did have was a doozy. "I can make it rain," he told police officers. Could he ever - in his home, in jail, in front of friends, strangers, and the police. At his whim, jets of water would rain down from no apparent source. He also could drop the temperature of a room to freezing cold in a heartbeat.

Some of the splashdowns were witnessed and verified by the local gendarmes, including Stroud Area Regional Police Chief John Baujan and former Stroudsburg cop Richard Wolbert.

A friend of his, Pam Scarfano, tried to get him under control by putting a crucifix around his neck. It left a burn mark on him before he could tear it off. Then, a year to the day after his grandfather's death, the rainmaker suddenly lost his power.

Parapsychologists still haven't figured out the cause of his short-lived ability to call down rain.



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