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Edit: This story is based on truth. Absolute truth.


I operate on logic. I'm a quiet, reserved man for the most part, (with exception for a few close friends). My field of expertise is computers, which require a large amounts of patience and loads of logical thinking.


Since I was a boy, I've always had a strong interest in the paranormal. I've never seen ghosts, UFOs, a Bigfoot, or anything of the sort (unfortunately). I would read, and continue to voraciously read books that deal with almost any area of paranormal phenomena. I remember checking out paranormal books at the library as a kid, and studying them intently, fascinated by things unknown.


That is not to say that I have never had an odd experience. The most prominent and vivid experience happened around 7 years ago. I was a single father under a fair amount of stress trying to raise my small children on my own. I was very happy to have them, but being a man on my own, it was very difficult at times, and easy at other times.


The days and nights would blur into each other working full time, paying bills, housework, and taking care of the children as many single parents out there do every single day. It seemed overwhelming at times, but I did the best I could.


I remember one day having a distinct feeling/impression/experience that someone was going to break into my house. I was fully awake and doing things as it was the middle of the day. It was very odd, it came from nowhere, interrupted my thoughts, and I remember turning my head to somehow gather more detail of these thoughts, even though there was nothing to 'turn to'. It was not a picture scene in so much as it was just a pure premonition of thought, although some scenes were involved. I even had a strong sense that my home was being watched at that very moment. 


The thought/vision/premonition continued even on to my parents becoming aware of the 'break in', and I wondered how they were going to react to this situation that had not happened, and that I was going to require their help. It was very odd, indeed. And then it stopped. I stopped what I was doing, and kind of sat down, feeling how strange it was that this had just happened. The event is difficult to explain.


Being a working man with small children, I quickly forgot about it, as I had no time to deal with unknowns, and the day to day responsibilities of life took over my primary thoughts again.


One month later, at 4 am on a Thursday morning in late autumn of 2005, I awoke to an odd noise. I half sat up, and listened very intently. I thought to myself, it must be my daughter, as she would sometimes have nightmares, and come to tell me she was scared and that she had had a 'dream'. It seemed like an eternity, because I felt something was not right. I continued to listen waiting for my daughter to appear. Another part of me knew that the noise was not my daughter.


I heard another small noise. I am still sitting half up, listening. In the next second there is a large hooded man on all fours in my doorway looking up at me. On all fours. I blinked my eyes hard and strained my eyes not believing what I was seeing. I locked eyes with the intruder. With this, a superhuman surge of adrenaline went through my entire body. Time slowed down and almost stopped. My thoughts raced at incredible speed immediately to the shotgun in my closet. NO. Its unloaded. No time. Its too big. The intruder is too close. There is no choice. This made my next action easy.


Without a sound, I leaped from my bed and went at him with the full intentions of killing him before he could cause harm to my children.


He leapt up and ran. As he stood and turned, I could sense he was young, and bigger than me. At that point, my whole self was focused on removing this threat immediately. I felt a wave of sickness hit the pit of my stomach as I knew this was a life and death situation, and so did the intruder. The sick feeling quickly passed, and I went into a primal state of survival. I became insanely angry that he was in my house. As the chase very quickly began, a voice completely not my own, but from my soul sounded off. Where the voice that came from, scared even myself, and [luckily] the intruder as well. It came from somewhere deep inside me.


YOU HAVE THE WRONG HOUSE MOTHERFUCKER. I AM GOING TO KILL YOU. It was deadly primal instinct for survival at any cost.


The intruder tore away, desperate to escape. As I moved towards him at full speed, there was zero doubt he chose to back down and flee even though he was twice my size. He seemed to know that he stepped in one nasty pile of shit, and he would die in a confrontation with me.


He bolted through the hallway into my kitchen. He then grabbed the refrigerator door and flung it open in an attempt to block me. I easily ran around it, but he did the same with the back door on his way out. At this point, completely to the other end of the kitchen, I was insanely focused on grabbing this clown. So much so, that I disregarded my own life and focus on anything else at that moment. I hit my head on the back door as it swung open wildly to block me from getting my hands on him.It was a stunning blow to my head, that stopped me in my tracks for about 1 second, and pain shot through me. I shook it off and continued outside into the night, where I again notified him he was a dead man, although at this point I lost sight of him and he escaped.


It was not a big wound, but bled profusely being a head wound. Blood began pouring out of me, running out all over my clothes and blinding my right eye.


How a weapon was not presented by the crack head was beyond me. Surely if one walks into a house, he would have brains enough to be armed. It all happened in around 8 seconds, but seemed eternal at the time. Eight seconds also greatly limits your choices when confronted with a situation similar to this as well. I chose mine to go after him directly instead of trying to reach for a weapon. A shotgun was within reach, but it was unloaded, and there was no time. I felt it was too large of a weapon to wield at such close range.


I then retrieved my shot gun and guarded my children in my bedroom while they called the police. As I stood with the shotgun, blood poured out of my head and all over my clothes. My children were crying, but were safe. My children, and myself were traumatized. But at least I had protected them. I could not sleep, and frequently awoke to any noise in the house after this incident. I often continue to do this now, many years later.


I called my parents to help me with the kids so I could get my head stitched up. When I made the call it was then that I began to think of the warning I received, but it was pushed back by adrenaline.


As I left for the hospital with my dad, it was then it hit me that this premonition I had was true and accurate in all respects. Knowing this is kind of unnerving and creepy. How is that possible? But yet it is.


I thought about the warning a month prior, through unknown means. I did not tell anyone about it and kept it a secret for a long time as I knew no one would believe me. For myself, it is obvious proof that things exist that cannot be explained, and are outside of our understanding. I have not thought about this event in many years, but my general feeling is [personally] is that it was a warning that came from a guardian angel.


Purple Guardian Angel

The day after the event, I had my shotgun leveled at what appeared to be the mailman's head through the closed front door before he dropped the lid on my mailbox. It can be difficult to ever recover from a home invasion. 7 years later I am unable to sleep if there is noise or movement of any kind, and I awake at the drop of a pin.


Home invasions are definitely traumatizing. We were lucky the way it went down in that the intruder just ran and put up no fight. He and I both immediately sensed death for someone was definitely in the cards, and I knew it was not me who would die, I would fight overwhelming odds to protect my kids. He knew this as well by my actions first, and words later as I was on him with all the speed I could muster.


I hope that something like this never happens again. This is not a 'story' of bravado, or toughness. If nothing else, let this be a warning to all about securing your premises. It really does not matter where you live, these things can happen anywhere. Be aware of your surroundings always. Be aware of warnings from beyond as well. Take heed in them. Don't brush them off so easily as I did. But of course, you cannot be distracted by every stray thought either. Its difficult to explain, but if you experience what I did, there is no question about it.


Placement of your weapon for self defense is very important too. You have to consider many things such as making it actually available within seconds, as well as the safety of its placement. Practice fire with the weapon is vital as well. If the weapon is not reachable within a few seconds, it can become worthless as I discovered.


There is also the point of the 2nd amendment. I am a strong proponent of the constitution. 


I now suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Sleeping is extremely difficult, and I have night terrors almost every night where I fight, yell out loud enough to scare people around me to a pretty severe degree, because I believe someone is trying to kill me nightly, and relive the feeling of impending death or a fight to the death. There is no fear involved in this event, or the nightmares, it is pure anger that I channel any thought of fear into. Because I have no doubts about what my actions will be in life and death situations now, nor did I before, but real life situations prove things one way or the other. I have no memory of these late night outbursts, and even PTSD medication does not seem to take them away. I write this now at 2 am August 1st, 2015, which is now 8 years since the home invasion.


I believe this has ruined relationships for me as well. I fight my demons in the night with apparently as much ferocity as before, which is extremely frightening to any woman lying next to me. I only really know this from what I have been told, although I have woken myself in the night with my own voice echoing off the walls at an insane level of volume. I have no control over it.


It is frustrating to say the least. I have thought about somehow strapping my jaw shut, but I have also damaged and destroyed things around my bed as well during these nightmares. I have no answers for this.


Writing helps get it out, even if people thousands of miles away who will never know me read this.


I have kept all of this inside of me for the most part, with the exception of this anonymous posting (for most).

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