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Portal Above Skinwalker RanchPortal Above Skinwalker Ranch

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, another popular History Channel Show involves the investigation of the world’s most mysterious hot spot for UFO and “High Strangeness” phenomena continues as astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor returns to join real estate tycoon Brandon Fugal, along with his team of scientists and researchers on Utah’s notorious Skinwalker Ranch. In this groundbreaking second season, the team goes deeper and higher than ever before, applying cutting edge technology to investigate the 512-acre property to uncover the possibly “otherworldly” perpetrators behind it all. With everything from mysterious animal deaths to hidden underground workings and possible gateways that open to other dimensions, witness the close encounters that go beyond conventional explanation, as the team risks everything to finally reveal the ultimate secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

Skinwalker Ranch is the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot on the planet, comprising 512 acres situated in the heart of the Uintah basin. The property has for decades been the subject of not only numerous books and articles, but has a rich history going back nearly 100 years of accounts involving everything from unidentified flying objects, to cattle mutilations in broad daylight, to strange orbs, and shape-shifting demonic entities known as “skinwalkers” that come from Native American tradition.

The ranch has seen renewed interest from the 2018 documentary film "Hunt for the Skinwalker" recounting the same story as the 2005 book by Colm A. Kelleher, George Knapp at Simon & Schuster. Brandon Fugal participated in the documentary, but did so anonymously. In his on-camera interview, his voice was distorted, and the camera showed only his dark silhouette. More recently Fugal has stepped into the spotlight with the debut of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on the HISTORY Channel. Fugal plays a central role, on and off camera, in the HISTORY Channel series.

Skinwalker Ranch

Brandon Fugal acquired the ranch from the elusive billionaire Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace in April of 2016 with the intention of never revealing his identity as the owner of the property. He didn’t want his ownership and involvement with Skinwalker Ranch to ever distract from or compromise the integrity of my primary business activities and focus in the community.

Brandon Fugal stated "We were all very surprised by the fact that numerous events occurred on camera with many witnesses. And I don't believe there was one member of the cast or crew that did not have a profound life changing experience while filming and conducting the investigation. After filming for several months, for eight episodes, season one aired during COVID, between the end of March and June, and was a bonafide hit with millions of viewers."

For more than 200 years, Utah's Skinwalker Ranch has been the site of hundreds of paranormal and UFO activities. Despite decades of study-- some secretly funded by the U.S. government--- no one has dared to go below ground. Now, the legendary ranch is giving full access as a team prepares to do what's never been done before.

Coast to Coast - Robert Bigelow - Exploring Life After Death

Part 1

Part 2


Robert Bigelow, owner of Bigelow Aerospace, created NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science. As part of that research, he purchased Skinwalker Ranch, which became the central focus of a secretive Pentagon-sponsored program. In the first half of the show, he announced the winners of $1.8 Million in prizes as part of his Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies call for essays that explore the topic of life-after-death. There were 29 award-winning essays, with author and psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove taking the top prize of $500,000. The goal of the essays, he explained, was to present a convincing argument that the afterlife exists rather than to describe what takes place in that realm.

Rober Bigelow's wife of 55 years, Diane Mona Bigelow, recently died at age 72.

He plans to compile a set of books featuring the essays that will be freely distributed to hospices, churches, and universities. Bigelow has concluded that our thoughts can exist outside of a biological container and suggested that a lot of what we consider intuition may be influences coming to us from the Other Side. In discussing his research into UFOs and UAP, some information, if it was fully disclosed, would surprise or shock people, he revealed. On the subject of Skinwalker Ranch, he described how an anomaly that lifted off a nightstand was captured in a photo, even though it was invisible to the naked eye. While he seldom saw peculiarities at the Ranch, he noted that his wife witnessed apparitions in their home after he brought back an artifact from the location.

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