Thursday, February 02, 2023

To be clear: there is no "proper" way to use an ouija board.  The process of inviting harmful paranormal entities into your home is simply not advisable. Nothing good is going to come through use of an ouija board. By using a Ouija board you are consciously inviting spirits to communicate with you.  In actuality, a user does not have any control over who responds when they evoke spirits.  What you will end up getting is a demonic spirit. Once a demonic entity is allowed into your home, it is very difficult - and dangerous – to expel.  Conversely, a demon spirit cannot be physically expelled, they must be exorcised.  If you have a Ouija board, please throw it out.  Do not donate to a charity in a box of unwanted items – just destroy it.

There is also reports of users having to be institutionalized either through information gathered from their subconscious, or through harassment from an evil entity or spirit.  Some have become obsessed and let the board control their lives and their decisions, becoming insane in the process.

The occult, and the intentions that occult tools provide for are extremely dangerous. Something discernible may or may not happen in each use, but you are putting yourself at great risk each time it is used.


Below you will find a small sampling of the hundreds of thousands of ouija board stories found on the internet.

 Ouija Board Stories

My Friend Wants me to Play the Ouija Board

My friends want me to play with the Ouija board but I don't like the idea of trying to talk to demons or a spirit.

I told my mom about what they wanted to do on Halloween and she said No, my grandma (her mom) played with it when she was little and had a bad experience. I wanted to know what happened so I called my grandma the next night and she said her grandmother had a Ouija board and her and her little brothers and sisters decided to play with it.

They contacted a spirit or demon and my grandma wanted to scare them so she said "If the Ouija board is real I want the devil to possess me." At first she was just joking and playing around to scare them. She started shaking and then she couldn't stop.

Something was making her shake and she started to cry and so did her sibling. She kept telling her self she was sorry she wanted to make it stop and she would never saying anything that stupid again and finally it stopped.

She went and talk to her grandmother about what happened and her grandmother wasn't very happy. She told her she knew something like that was going to happen so she took away and hid the Ouija board and told her to never play with one again.

My grandma says prayers every night before she goes to bed she is still mad at herself till that day she has never played with a Ouija board again.

I don't know if you found that very scary but it freaked me out never will I play with one.