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Video of a UFO hovering above Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has taken the internet by storm, with skeptics and believers alike calling the footage “mind blowing.” The video shows the UFO hovering in the sky above Dayton, Ohio, not far from Wright-Patterson. It was filmed by a local couple watching the sunset from their house. When they spot the UFO, the pair are clearly blown away.

Wright Patterson UFO Footage Scrubbed from the Internet.

The video appears to have been scrubbed from the internet. Not an easy feat.

In the video reportedly recorded Wednesday, May 25, you can hear the woman recording the UFO on her phone exclaiming to her partner about what she’s seeing in they sky about Wright-Patterson.

“What the fuck is that? It looks like it’s moving with the clouds.”

The video of the UFO goes on for a few dozen more seconds, and the camera zooms in on the mysterious object floating above Dayton momentarily, before the UFO fades into the clouds.

“Oh my god, it fucking disappeared.”

Tyler Glockner, owner of the UFO investigation group, calls the UFO video “mind blowing footage,” and claims that two other people saw the same object in the sky above Wright Patterson AFB.

“It’s the same UFO. I am simply amazed, we have someone corroborating this sighting.”



Interestingly enough, the infamous Project Blue Book, which collected and investigated UFO sightings reported to the Air Force, was headquartered at Wright-Patterson. Project Blue Book reportedly recorded all of the Air Force files regarding UFOs, and between 1947 (the year of the first Wright-Patterson UFO report) and 1969, 12,618 such UFO sightings and encounters were recorded. Of those, 701 were ultimately deemed to be “unidentified.”

Wright-Patterson’s Project Blue Book UFO squad reportedly only had a skeleton staff of a handful of people, making it easier for the research and investigations to be shrouded in secrecy.

The secrecy surrounding Project Blue Book was shattered irreparably in 2015 by John Greenewald. The amateur historian posted than 100,000 pages of declassified documents to his website The Black Vault after spending almost 20 years obtaining declassified documents from the government under the Freedom of Information Act.

According to Greenewald’s Wright-Patterson UFO research, Project Blue Book began in 1952 and was officially terminated in December of 1969. Officially, all UFO research by the Air Force came to an end in January of the following year, but many conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts contend that the U.S. government didn’t stop researching, they just buried their research a little deeper.

This could be because the Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1967, and it gave Americans more access than ever before to government records. If the Wright-Patterson UFO researchers were onto something, they didn’t want to share their discoveries with the general public.

As for this most recent UFO sighting near Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, UFO investigator Glockner is pretty convinced that it’s the real deal.

“There is no doubt in my mind this is either an alien craft or a very very strange drone – which I highly doubt.”

Glockner also speculated that if the UFO isn’t an alien craft or a “very very strange drone,” it could also be a “back engineered craft” being tested at Wright-Patterson.

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