Haunted House in the Woods; September 2021

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Haunted House in the Woods

Although phones are the primary way people view the internet these days, this site is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer. If you must, feel free. Headphones, may improve the experience I am trying to convey.

Vacation time in September 2021. We stayed with some friends in a secluded area of Iowa that shall remain unnamed. I do not walk around having paranormal experiences on a daily basis. I have had some, although they have more to do with the ability to see the future regarding a home invasion a month in advance that came true, and is documented elsewhere on this site. Although this may not seem to be dead on proof to anyone causally observing, things felt odd to me. No fear, but more so as to being confused as to what was going on. So after sleeping through the night without incident;

I noted toys begin to go off constantly in the other room where no one was located. We were in the basement, everyone else was upstairs. After hearing them go off 2 or 3 times, I grabbed my phone and started recording, being as quiet as possible. I made sure to not move my hands on the phone while recording.

I walk out and immediately capture a toy going off by itself, which is just barely captured in the first few frames of the video.

Around 18 seconds later, the toy goes off again for no apparent reason.

As I turned the camera off (of course), and walked out of the room, I heard a baby cry behind me. There was no one there. I wish I had left the camera on just a few seconds longer.

3 minute Video, Mostly Silence, with 3 Odd Things Captured, 1 Undiscovered Until 3 Weeks Later

Right click on the video show all controls, then you can make the video full screen if need be. On a phone, you may need to give it a few seconds to load, depending on your speed.

At 1 minute 43 seconds the video captures something i did not hear with my ear drums.

I only discovered this 3 weeks later, as I again reviewed the video. With the volume turned up, it could be interpreted as a gun shot. You must use a computer with a quality sound system to hear this. If you are listening on a phone, earphones may help to what I am trying to convey. My dad, who was a Vietnam Veteran committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in his garage due to his declining health an my mother's who has dementia and can no longer walk and hasn't for years. I had to clean him out of the garage, and that has scarred me for life. As I think about it, I had my laptop up in the room with his Vietnam photo that comes up when the computer is not in use.

My dad and I both shared an interest in the paranormal and anything unknown.

My Dad

Is this house haunted? I have no idea, but I find the events to be odd. It takes a hell of lot to scare me, I am pretty much fearless to a large extent. This is in relation to facing death a number of times in my life. I am plagued by anxiety that quickly turns to anger today however.

I shot a second video, trying to debunk the toys going off by themselves. The toy did not easily go off as I rummaged around. It finally did. Then, without lighting up it says "Beep! coming through".

The last odd thing here, is that I tossed a bucket back on top of the pile toys a bit rough to see if it would set it off again, and IT DID NOT. Very Strange.

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