Carla Moran and The Entity

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The Entity”


Dr. Kerry Gaynor and Dr. Barry Taff were the first to be approached by Carla Moran to investigate the paranormal phenomenon at her house, later to be known by the movie "The Entity." In interviews done by Omni Magazine, Fate - 1996, and also in the movie documentary Sightings - "Ghost's", Dr. Gaynor explains in his own words how it all happened and came to be.


It was 1974 when Gaynor began to investigate the Culver City, California, haunting. "At the time I had a colleague named Barry Taff," said Gaynor. 'We were working under the auspices of Dr. Thelma Moss, but Barry and I did most of the research on this case." Gaynor notes that Moss was a prominent UCLA parapsychologist who is now retired. Gaynor and Taff made an appointment with the woman from the bookstore to discuss her case. Gaynor said the first time they visited the woman they conducted a two-hour interview.


But Gaynor knew that she was holding something back. I kept pushing her," said Gaynor. "Finally she said that a ghost had raped and beat her. 'We laughed when we left her home, and I thought she was probably off her rocker. But she called me back a few days later and said that several people visiting her had seen an apparition, And this is what we're always looking for independent verification of the phenomena.


"I'm a scientist and that's how I approach it. I don't take their stories at face value. Their story is the beginning and I don't discount it, but I'm there to experience the phenomena and document it." The Entity case was to become one of the most famous in paranormal research history. It was so well-documented, in fact, that a movie was made about it. The 1983 film The Entity starred Barbara Hershey and was loosely based on the Culver City haunting. Gaynor and Taff served as technical advisors on the film. The second time Gaynor and Taff visited the Entity house, things began to happen. Although they never saw the apparition, they witnessed visual phenomena. "We were seeing little pops of light," said Gaynor. "They would happen quickly. We would try to shoot the camera, but they were happening too quickly and we just couldn't catch them. We were shooting with a Polaroid and with a 35mm camera."


I was standing in the kitchen talking to the woman's 16 year-old son when a lower cabinet door slammed open and a pan came flying out," said Gaynor. It flew out and landed about three or four feet from the cabinet. I immediately tore the cabinet apart to see if there were any tricks, or if anyone was hiding in the cabinets. But there was nothing. And that's when everything started. "The lady screamed, 'It's in the bedroom. We ran in there and that's when all the lights started happening. That's when we got the Polaroid shots. "The lady shouted, 'The ghost is in the comer'.


We snapped the picture, but it was bleached out and not very interesting. "She shouted again, 'It's in the corner.' And again the photo was bleached. At this point, I thought the camera wasn't working. So I took two control pictures. I asked her if the ghost was gone. She said yes. The picture came out perfectly. A few seconds later I took another one. Perfect picture. "But then we got the most interesting Polaroid. The woman said, 'It is right in front of my face.' Those were her exact words. So we took a shot. And in the photo you can see the curtains and the buttons on her dress, but her whole face is obliterated. We took a second picture when she once again said, 'It's right in front of my face.' Amazingly, her face was obliterated again, but you could see details in the rest of the picture.


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