Carla Moran and The Entity

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"At this point I wanted another control picture. So I asked if the ghost was gone. When she said it was gone, the picture I took was perfect". "On the third night we decided to start with a séance in the bedroom," said Gaynor. The walls of the bedroom, however, were covered with chipped and uneven paint. Some of Gaynor's colleagues had commented that the uneven paint created images in his photographs. So the researchers covered the walls entirely with black poster board, so that nobody could make that claim again.


They also numbered the black paper boards with a magnetic orientation and a number.
"Then the lights appeared," said Gaynor. 9 would call out, 'All right, blink three times on board number two for yes. Blink twice on board number five for no.' It would blink on the exact board that I asked it to. At that point the level of excitement really increased, because it seemed like we were communicating with something intelligent.


"But I was very concerned that somebody was faking it by projecting light onto the wall. So I said to it, 'If you're really here, come off the wall. 'I didn't think anything would happen. But then the light pulled right out of the wall and floated into the middle of the room. It started spinning and twisting and expanding in different directions simultaneously. I had nine professional photographers shooting every angle of that room. It was extraordinary because it was floating in the middle of the room and the light was dimensional. It is very difficult to fake something like that. If you project light, you have to project it onto a flat surface. You can't project light into empty space unless you have some kind of very sophisticated laser system."


Gaynor said this was not likely a sophisticated hoax because this house had twice been condemned by the city, and the investigators had sealed off the entire bedroom. Nobody could go in or out during the photo session. "What we saw was not what ended up in the photograph," said Gaynor. "We were seeing balls of light, but the photo shows arcs of light over the woman's head". Taff, Gaynor's colleague at the time and now a Los Angeles parapsychologist and writer, confirms witnessing this phenomena at the Entity house. Taff described the lights as three, dimensional greenish-yellow, to-white balls of light. "We never saw arcs of light. We saw balls of light," said Taff. "However, the camera captured arcs.'; The team captured a spectacular 35mm photo showing reverse arcs of light over the woman's head. This photo was published in Popular Photography magazine. "Popular Photography has never published a ghost photograph before or since," said Gaynor. "But they published this one." This photograph was also broadcast on the television show Sightings in 1992.


Gaynor said he was not able to rid the woman of the assaulting ghost. "I'm not an exorcist," said Gaynor. I document the phenomena. I research the phenomena, and I do a lot of counseling with these people." The woman described the attacking entity as a solid male figure that she did not recognize. So how did the woman know it was a ghost? "Because after the ghost assaulted her," said Gaynor, "it faded away." "There were actually three apparitions according to her account," Gaynor stated. "Two would hold the woman down and the third would rape, her.


It was horrible. She would call me in the middle of the night screaming, and I would go over there and she would be all beaten up. She had black and blue marks all over her body." But Gaynor never witnessed the attacks nor saw the apparitions in solid form. Gaynor said, however, that he and several of his colleagues did witness the formation of a full-figured apparition. 'We saw the head take shape and then the shoulders. The light extended down to the ground until it became a full humanoid figure of greenish-white light. Then it just vanished, almost as if somebody pulled the plug. It didn't fade away. It just vanished. Everybody was completely in awe and silent as we watched this happen."


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