Carla Moran and The Entity

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Taff adds, "After the apparition disappeared, two young men assisting our investigation passed out and had to be carried from the room." "The question, of course is, Were the attacks done by a person, or were they done by a ghost?" said Gaynor. "And there is no way to distinguish between the two. The apparition didn't rape anyone else except the woman. These attacks were very personal. "The attacks only happened very late at night. One night the woman's 16-year-old son heard his mother screaming. He ran into her bedroom and saw his mother being thrown around on the bed. When the son reached over to help her, something hit him on the head and threw him across the room. He broke his arm." Gaynor noted an unusual coincidence. When the movie The Entity was being filmed, the actor playing the role of the son broke the same arm while filming this particular scene.


The woman was attacked about 15 times during the ten-week investigation. "But she got stronger," said Gaynor. "And she was able to realize that she wasn't crazy and that there really was something going on. She got stronger, and in my opinion, she outlasted it." The woman moved five times, but the attacking entity followed her. She eventually moved further away. "As she moved," Gaynor said, "the phenomena diminished, and after about two years the attacks stopped altogether,"


Gaynor said he cannot prove ghosts exist. But what is proof? "A ghost in a jar," said Gaynor, "or at least that's what the scientific community would want." Gaynor said he doesn't feel any need to convince the world to believe in ghosts. I want the public to know about it, but I don't have an agenda. I'm not interested in standing on a pulpit and saying, 'You must believe in ghosts.' Something is going on that demands our attention. I'm much more interested in figuring it out."

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