Chasing Yowies in Australia

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Australia's Gold Coast residents report being terrorized by mysterious two-legged creatures with brown fur called yowies, so the Bigfoot team brings their expertise in to investigate deep into the jungle with help from local witnesses and experts.

The “Finding Bigfoot” team traveled to Australia to hunt down Bigfoot’s elusive cousin, the Yowie in the two-hour season premiere which aired on Dec. 30. Although the team readily admitted they weren’t sure what to expect in their search for the Yowie, they soon found that techniques used for hunting Bigfoot worked just fine with Yowies, too.


When Australian natives shared their stories in a town meeting, it immediately became clear that Yowies and Bigfoots shared more similarities than differences. The Yowie was more often described as reddish brown, while its American cousin appears to be darker. Although some describe the Yowie as a mere 7 to 7 ½ feet tall, others described a towering creature that rivals reports of massive Bigfoots in the states.


The “Finding Bigfoot” team investigated several sightings, one of which included the report of a massive Yowie peering in the window at a sleeping man. The Yowie then reportedly walked away. The next morning the witness discovered his goats where gone and found their bodies hanging from a tree branch with all of their internal organs removed. The witness described precision cuts that even removed the brain from the skull. No evidence of a Yowie, or other explanation for the event was discovered. The witness believes that a Yowie was “trying to send a message” to him by killing his goats and displaying them in full view.


In a separate incident, a man reported what he believed to be a Yowie that showed up after he and group of friends finished stargazing. Due to lack of room in the home – and the fact that he was a loud snorer – the witness chose to sleep in his vehicle in the yard. He allegedly awoke in the middle of the night to his car being shaken. He claims to have been jolted from his sleep and thrown around inside the vehicle.


Initially, the witness thought his buddies were playing a prank on him, but soon observed a massive dark creature shaking his car. Reportedly, several of his friends observed the dark creature, which they believe was a Yowie, and yelled to scare it away. The next morning when they investigated the vehicle, two indentations that appear to correspond to the impression that were be left by “elbows” or forearms were found in the top of the vehicle.


Recreations by the “Finding Bigfoot” team indicated that it took three people to shake the car with the same force the man experienced in the middle of the night. Although no evidence was uncovered, the team concluded that due to the fact that there are no bears or other animals capable of standing and shaking a vehicle, the mysterious creature must have been a Yowie. The team theorized that the Yowie reached across the top of the vehicle and grasped the opposing side as he shook the vehicle.

The “Finding Bigfoot” team explained that although the American Bigfoot is not typically aggressive or violent, there have been reported cases when it has shaken vehicles.


Other eye-witness reports included similar stories as the American Bigfoot with witnesses observing a large hairy creature either standing and watching them or walking through the woods.


The nighttime investigations proved successful producing some of the best evidence in a single investigation, claims Cliff Barackman the Bigfoot expert on the team.


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