A Trip Into The Supernatural

Roger Morneau former luciferian priest

This is a true story about a man who was deep into the occult world. was raised a devout catholic by parents who really loved God, but had a lot of questions about his faith and why his beliefs contradicted the Bible.

He met a man who told him, "are u ready to leave this fake show and see the truth behind this?" Roger was interested, and left with his friend to find out that the people who they thought were the dead spirits were nothing more than demons who pretended to be dead people just to fool people. High level occultists and masons are of this deception. As in Manly P. Hall's "Secret teachings of all ages" he writes:

"The majority of modern mediumistic apparitions are but elemental creatures (demons) masquerading through bodies composed of thought substance supplied by the very persons desiring to behold these wraiths of decarnate beings. Throughout the book he shows that "elemental creature" is just another word he uses for demons. A key point is that Demons are shape shifters and can scan the memory of a person to become anything the person can think of.

If demons are clever enough to be able to fool people by pretending to be the spirits of dead humans, what stops them from pretending to be the spirits of aliens, or 'evolved' aliens? The answer is nothing.

Aleister Crowley's demon familiar "Lam" (which Crowley drew) looked very detailed and humanoid. 

Roger's friend worshiped demons. and he introduced roger to a whole new world of a secret society of demon worshipers. these men were rich, well educated, intelligent and powerful. all through the help of these demons. he went into detail of how Satan and his fallen angels deceived men. basically Satan is the FATHER of lies, and he has a deception for every person of every walk of life.

A Trip Into the Supernatural

Although we are unable to physically see the battle doesn't mean it isn't there. Satan is real. This story is thought provoking and really puts Satan and his deceitfulness to the forefront of the readers mind. Nothing is more compelling than someones actual experience. We should never underestimate Satan's evil ways and the tactics he will use to lead us the wrong direction, any other direction but to God. If we know his sly deceptions we are better equipped with Gods help to resist them and not be fooled.

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