Doomsday Clock set to 3 Minutes to Midnight

Nuclear Missle Launch

The Doomsday Clock is now two minutes closer to midnight, thanks to unchecked nuclear proliferation.

The hands of the symbolic clock, managed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board, were moved forward to 11.57 earlier this week, which means the board thinks “the probability of global catastrophe is very high.” 12.00 signifies the apocalypse.

Originally constructed in 1945 as a predictor of nuclear catastrophe, the clock’s keepers now consider factors like climate change and other scientific or technological threats to humanity as well. The Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board is managed by a board of sponsors that includes 17 Nobel Laureates.

Founded by University of Chicago scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project, The Doomsday Clock has been long considered a metaphor for the vulnerability of the human race.

But the hands of the clock can move forward and backward in time. It was previously set at 3 minutes to midnight in 1984, during a particularly scary moment during the Cold War where communication between the U.S. and the Soviet Union had gone dark. And in 1949, the clock was set at 3 minutes to midnight when the Soviet Union tested their first nuclear device.

The safest point in history seems to have been in 1991, when the clock was at 17 minutes to midnight after the U.S. and Soviet Union agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenals. The closest the Doomsday Clock has ever been to midnight was in 1953, when it reached 2 minutes to midnight after the U.S. tested a H-Bomb for the first time.

Although this site reports on monsters, demons, UFOs and other frightening, and mysterious topics, the scariest monsters may indeed be those whose fingers hover over nuclear missile launch capabilities, and their leaders who command them.

There are obviously a lot of factors that account for the "minutes to midnight" setting. The world today is a far more dangerous place than even the cold war many of us remember in the 1980s. Those living in the 80s at least had the luxury of knowing there were 2 main players, the Soviet Union, and the United States, who had some things to live for and not completely insane, even though we remained at odds during those years. In the eighties, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) kept things in careful check.

In other words, there is no way to win a nuclear war. Any size strike by one side or the other would result in a full scale retaliatory strike with megaton nuclear weapons releasing unimagined destruction upon both countries and their allies.

Today, this strategy has completely broken down as we live in a world where rouge nations such as North Korea are now known to have a handful of weapons, and the crazed suicidal muslims are striving daily to obtain their own stockpile of nukes, where they will not sit idly. They will be used as soon as they could be obtained.

There are so many flash points of conflict in the world today, it is hard to keep up. Many of these conflicts are unnecessary and mindless, and unfortunately has to do with the international monentary system, and bankers who steal and plot against the rest of the world. Ultimately, the economic situation is the root cause behind the current instability of the world.

Massive changes have taken place just in the last 20 years regarding employment. Automation, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and computer advancements as well as population explosion have all contributed to fewer, and much lower paying jobs. The few higher paying jobs there are, are now contracted over a certain short period of time, [in America] or are created by a highly skilled worker.

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Hiram Maxim, the inventor of the machine gun, declared, "Only a general who was a barbarian would send his men to certain death against the concentrated power of my new gun." But send them they did. In World War One, the machine gun often mowed down tens of thousands of men in a single day.

Yet one is to believe that thousands of nuclear weapons laying around all over the world will never be used.



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