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by Ophelia Keys

Have you ever passed someone on the street, met someone at a party, who just gave you the creeps for no reason? Granted, some of them are just creepy people. But you should be aware that some of them aren’t people at all.

Indigo is a paranormal fiction. It was written week by week (or month by month) as a serial.

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 Iron in Blood

The Iron in Blood

by Jenny Doe

Rebecca Harding is an ordinary teenager whose DNA hides an extraordinary secret. A routine blood test after an accident turns her peaceful and rather mundane life upside-down, as she becomes the focus of three powerful brothers with exceptional skills and an age-old secret. As she begins to come to terms with her life as the world’s newest and most reluctant vampire, she is abducted, and must embrace her new powers if she has any hope of escape.

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