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Eye of the Storm

Eye of The Storm

by Sara Reinke

In this never-before published sequel to Resurrection, Paul Frances hunts for monsters. A seasoned veteran of the Metro Police Department, Paul’s made a renowned career out of tracking down serial killers. It should have given him the life of his dreams, with fame, notoriety and respect, but instead, it’s given him nightmares? literally.

He dreams of torturing young women, driving them to the brink of death and beyond, over and over. These visions plague his nights and haunt his days, and when he discovers he’d been sleepwalking, disappearing for unaccounted hours at a time, he can’t help but beg the question: has the monster-hunter become a monster himself?

Alien Beach

Alien Beach

by A.R. Yngve

What might have happened if aliens had visited our world, the real world, today? What would NOT happen?

On a tiny Pacific atoll nicknamed ALIEN BEACH, a group of men and women come face to face with amphibian visitors from space.

They must learn to understand these enigmatic visitors, before the planet is thrown into a war that cannot be won… and in doing so, understand themselves.

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