Drone sent to ‘investigate’ mysterious crop circles in southern Russia (VIDEO)

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Puzzled by the “alien patterns” in a wheat field in the Republic of Adygea earlier this week, local residents sent a drone to investigate the series of mysterious crop circles. Meanwhile similar shapes have also surfaced in the Moscow region.


Amazing aerial footage shot from a drone, shows the six rings found in a regular field of crops in the foothills of the Western Caucasus Mountains. The largest in a series of circles is 13 meters (42 feet) in diameter. The biggest two circles also had strange half a meter deep “craters” in their centers.

Russian Crop Circle

The crop pattern was discovered on Tuesday by a local farmer, who claimed the circles were not there the night before. Because of the high winds, aerial footage was out of the question at the time of the discovery.

Similar circles were discovered in the region three times over the past 15 years, making it one of the top UFO enthusiast attractions. Popular explanations cite “aliens” and “electromagnetic radiation” as possible causes. Those who don’t believe in extraterrestrial creatures say the circles are man-made.

Crop Circle

These are exactly the theories Ufologists are now checking in the Moscow region, where two large oval geometrical shapes and a 10-meter-wide circle were discovered in the village of Mirny.





Volunteers now plan to take soil samples, hoping to determine the origin of the geometrical shapes. The local administration believes the oval shapes could be the remnants of an old abandoned road that was once in the area. The circle however remains a mystery.


Russian Farmer Surveys Crop circle


A farmer in Russia’s southern Republic of Adygea woke up to find his very own crop circles. No one understands how the six perfect formations, measuring 7-13 meters in diameter got there, and security reports seeing nothing during the night.


Two of the biggest circles contain a pierced hole about half a meter deep. The four circles nearby are smaller, but contain a small perfectly-shaped island of left-over wheat at the center.


"Even around 22:00 the day before yesterday, nothing was there. They were up the following morning,” Sergey Anisimov told the Maykop City Portal on Monday. “None of my security guys saw who could have done it, and how, so there is no one to give credit to.”


Crop circles have been seen by humans for several centuries now, but their complexity and frequency increased since the 1970s, with the United Kingdom considered a particularly spooky place, as the formations emerged near ancient cultural heritage sites. A particularly mysterious case took place in Australia when a farmer in the town of Tully reported seeing a bright light in the sky the night before huge circles were found in freshwater lagoons near his farm.


Anisimov remains intrigued. The farmer wanted to photograph the patterns from above, but strong winds prevented him from doing so on Sunday.


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Messengers of Deception

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Lets take a closer look at the "extraterrestrial" messages, the Pleiadians, the Greys, the Reptilians, the Alien abductions, paranormal activity, ghosts poltergeists, Maitreya, ancient and modern Alien activity, crop circles and their satanic links.

As stated in previous articles here, up to 4 million people have reported to have an alien abduction experience, which GP (general practice) doctors have stated in the roper poll is of an epidemic proportion.

So the basic question of course, are why would beings from another solar system, planet, etc, operate on such a stealth level? Abducting people in the night, in clandestine fashion that includes subject matter that is quite disturbing. Probing people in all parts of their body against their will and inflicting sheer terror upon those victims. The encounters almost never seem to have anything positive that comes out of them. no aliens

The purported 'aliens' do these malevolent deeds, and yet at the same time leave messages with certain people that they are here to help mankind evolve. There are also cases where these beings claim to be from Venus, in the 1960s and other planets that we now know cannot support life forms. Now they say they come from Sirius, or Orion, or Zeta Reticuli or somewhere far off, where we can't test those claims.

I would compare an advanced extraterrestrial civilization  capable of space travel across such vast distances as I would a human to an ant colony. Would we as humans go down to the ant and say "We come in peace, we are concerned about your future, be open to welcoming us, and do not be deceived." We as humans do not even consider the ant in our daily lives.

Study of the messages coming from aliens are deceptive in nature. If someone comes to you and says they are here to help you, but then does brutal things to you, and then lies to you, then obviously trusting their messages is not easy to do, nor should they be trusted.

People explain they see little gray entities in the night, and see them pass through the walls or even take the victim through the walls, or see the 'aliens' enter through the ceiling. We know that this cannot be happening as a physical experience. The people believe their experience is very real and most definitely, something has happened to them.

We are dealing with an unrecognized level of consciousness, independent of man, but closely linked. As noted previously, hypnotism is not understood as to how it exactly works upon the mind.

Lets start with crop circles, many today believe that the crop circle phenomenon is caused by extraterrestrials and that they are trying to show us that Aliens exist. Using common sense, if these aliens wanted to make themselves known, they would do just that. They would obviously be advanced enough to make direct contact. There is no plausible reason why a race from another planet would need to make crop circles to alert us to their [possible] presence.

A radio frequency message or any kind of broadcast sent to SETI or NASA, either directly or indirectly would do the job. SETI scans space day and night and no sign of extra terrestrial intelligence has ever been found.

Crop circles began appearing in the late 1960s in the south of England. They started as simple designs, and then they became more and more complex over time. They are so precise and complex now, that they could not have been man made. The stalks are bent in perfect fashion, and there are cellular and biological changes that have been measured scientifically in these occurrences.

It is plain to see that spirit channeling has nothing to do with aliens. It obvious has far more to do with the occult, similar to automatic writing, where a person allows another entity to take control over them. Blurring of the lines between the occult and supposed alien visitation are where the deception begins.

The crop circle phenomenon does not make sense from the point of view of an advanced race coming down usually under cover of night to write messages in the earth itself. Again, it would seem an advanced alien race would have no use to go about contact [but yet no contact] in such a odd way. In one rare case there has been a sighting of balls of light (technically UFOs) as the crop circle appeared very quickly below them.

The balls of light were similar to what are shown through a window in the woods on the video below.  They are obviously UFOs as they are unidentified, but they appear to be of a more ghostly activity than an advanced space ship from outer space.

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