Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction

(John) No near, Hackensack.
(Val Ogonowski) I was up on Rt 17, I believe, NY state.
(Tom Cantor) John, when was your last abduction?
(Josh) John? How about it?
(John) I believe last year.
(Val Ogonowski) John, how old are you?
(John) 32
(Tom Cantor) Was your experience the same as Leah's?
(John) Yes.
(Tom Cantor) And you, Val?
(Tom Cantor) John, what did the craft look like?
(Val Ogonowski) What? Age? 54 this year.
(John) When I saw them take my brother, I could ony see a bright light.
(Tom Culler) John, how does your brother feel about it?
(Tom Cantor) John, how many times was your brother abducted?
(John) He is ill and I don't discuss it with him.
(Rich) John, do they talk?
(John) I remember two times with him.
(Tom Culler) Val, what does your husband report?
(John) Yes, they talk.
(Val Ogonowski) Is he ill because of the abduction?

(David) Do you think his illness is realted to the abductions?
(Tom Cantor) John, what do they say?
(John) He has MS.
(John) Don't be afraid.
(rich) John, were they the gray's?
(John) Yes
(Tom Cantor) John, if you could choose to erase your entire experiences
with aliens, would you?
(Josh) What others are there?
(John) Yes.
(Val Ogonowski) Tom, I'm sorry to hear about your brother.
(Tom Cantor) Me too.
(Val Ogonowski) My husband was on duty as police man and was hovered over
close and called his sergeant for verification. It sat there all that time.
The patrol cars were OK, not like in the movies (power out, etc) and his
sergeant saw it as well about 15 years ago. They were affraid to report
it, for fear everyone would say they are crazy
(Tom Cantor) I have never had a close encounter myself, but many of my
friends have and I am greatly intrigued by the subject.
(Tom Culler) I'm dying to see a craft, but that's as close as I want to get.
(Tom Cantor) Me too!
(John) If any one is interesed in Pine Bush, there is a telephone hotline
at 914 895-4262.
(Rich) John, I read a paper that 3 million grays were in underground
complexes called level 7 at Dulce.
(Val Ogonowski) There were a whole week of sighting here and a lot by
a power station nearby and the rest all around NAFEC yet, they claimed
nothing was on radar and that they don't know about them.
(Tom Cantor) What do you guys think about area 51 in Arizona?
(Josh) NAFEC?
(Tom Culler) Rich: what is Dulce?
(John) Pine Bush is involved with area 51 test flights.
(Val Ogonowski) Tom, I still have the newspaper clips from then too.
(Tom Cantor) John, how do you know?
(Val Ogonowski) Well, I believe that's the answer. Always close by
something important
(Tom Culler) Val - any chance you could fax them to me?
(Val Ogonowski) Yes, I could.
(John) There are underground facilties here also.
(Val Ogonowski) E-mail me your fax number 73313,65.
(Tom Culler) Thanks, Val! It's on its way...
(Rich) Tom, I am not sure but they call it "NIGHTMARE HALL"
(Tom Cantor) Never mind.

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