Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction


(Leah) I remembered one abduction when I was in my early 30's, but I
explained it away as a dream. I had never heard of alien abductions at
that time in my life. So the only thing I could do was convince myself it
was a dream. Then in 1990, I started having flashbacks of my abduction
experiences. Then I underwent hypnotic regression to confirm the reality
of my experiences.

(Eliot) With all due respect and just to confirm your seriousness, have you
ever gone to a mental health professional to verify that you are completely

(Leah) YES!!!! I went in an attempt to be pronounced crazy so I can be
cured, however I visited 3 therapists who all verify that I am completely

(Eliot) Isn't there a psychiatrist who deals with people who make the
same claims as you?

(Leah) There are many psychologists and psychiatrists who have dealt with
alien abductees. One of the therapists I went to see deals with alien
abductees all the time, but the other two knew nothing about the
phenomenon. They all say I am perfectly normal--but do suffer from Post
Traumatic Stress disorder as of the result of these very "REAL" events!

(Eliot) Why do you think you have been selected for these abductions?

(Leah) I wish I knew. I don't have a crew.

(Eliot) Please describe the alien's spaceship.

(Leah) The one that I've seen most often is spherical in shape, has
portholes around it, is extremely big inside, it is very clean streamlined,
very efficient. The equipment comes down from the ceiling and is stored
on the walls. It is extremely bright inside. One CANNOT see the source
of the lighting. I've also seen a nursery of hybrid babies: it looks like
our hospital nurseries and the room was extremely bright. I felt it was much
too bright for babies. I call it a baby greenhouse because it was almost
like they were growing them! I remember seeing transparent containers
suspended in the air and the babies appeared to be suspended in the

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