Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction


(Eliot) Are these baby versions of the "GREYS"?

(Leah) They look like half-human half-greys, they look like human fetuses
except with the giant eyes!

(Eliot) Have you ever asked one of the aliens if you could bring back an
unearthly object to prove that you are really experiencing this?

(Leah) If I've asked, I don't remember.

(Eliot) Let's start taking some questions from the audience.

(Greg Romines) How many time have you been abducted?

(Leah) Dozens of times.

(Greg Romines) How often does it occure?

(Leah) Sometimes, I have the earmarks of an abduction experience physical
evidence. It occurs randomly. No set pattern.

(Eliot) What kind of physical evidence?

(Leah) Scars that appear and HEAL overnight. Bruises, injection marks,
punctures that appear overnight.

(Nirvana) Did you see anybody else, like Kurt Cobian?

(Leah) I do remember seeing other humans too. However, one of them was
not Kurt Cobain.

(Beth) Did you see the movie Fire in the Sky and as far as Hollywood goes,
do you feel it was an accurated depiction?

(Leah) Absolutely not an accurate depiction. It was accurate up to the
point when Travis was taken aboard the craft.

(Beth) Good, that was scary.

(Leah) After that, once aboard the craft, it was not accurate. I've had a
few offers to do movies of my story because of the way "Fire in the Sky"
was handled, I've turned them down.

(Beth) As far as physical evidence, have you ever found implants? I saw
a special where a woman was x-rayed and a small object was removed.

(Leah) I won't do it unless they do an accurate description. The
experiences are so spectacular they don't have to be hyped up. I remember
something piercing me behind my right ear. I remember something being
pressed into my upper nostril. I also remember some U.S. govt. personnel
doing something to my ear.

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