Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction


(Eliot) (NOTE: Leah also claims that a U.S. government secret squad
abducted here, drugged her, told her to keep her mouth shut about her
experiences and interrogated her).

(Glen Jamieson) You said that the space craft was very large. Are there
any physical signs that such a craft has landed?  Can the existence of
this craft be confirmed or supported by Air Traffic Control data in the
area of the abductions?

(Leah) At one of my residences, there was a round circle of dead brown
grass, and my husband and I could never figure out what caused it. It
remained there the entire two times we lived there. Later, we visited the
residence after we moved out and the circle of dead grass had disappeared.
I have seen evidence of Air Traffic Control picking up UFO's on TV reports.

(David) Do you have any idea of what star system they originate from?

(Leah) No, I don't. They could be from another dimension or other time
instead of another planet.

(Eliot) What is your perception of time when you are aboard these

(Leah) I don't think about time then but only after the abduction, I'm
completely exhausted as if I've been gone many more hours than what the
clock says.

(Gary Kennett) I was wondering if you know anything about the special
hangar in Nevada?

(Leah) Yes. I've heard about it. I don't know any more than what people
have read about or heard about on TV. I believe that hangar is where our
military has space ships that they are testing.

(Chris C.-Sidekick) About your children's book, "Ceto's New Friends", do
you really think it is right to be calling these creatures "friends"
to kids?

(Eliot) Let me explain. Our guest has also written a "Children's
style--picture book" which is quite controversial because it has two
average American kids being taken aboard a spaceship and meeting a friendly
alien. There has never been a book like it in the history of children's

(Leah) I wrote the children's book in an attempt to alleviate fear of
aliens because abductions are going to occur whether we like it or not. But
if we are less fearful, the experience will be less traumatic. I have
been criticized by some for writing this book and depicting the aliens
as friendly.

(Mr. Stiffey) You claim you were abducted at age 3. Didn't anyone notice
you were missing?

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