Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction


(Leah) No. They didn't. I saw the creature just inside the woods. My
parents were lying on the grass nearby.

(Mr. Stiffey) How long do the abductions last?

(Leah) I assume that the aliens put them in a trance of some kind. There
are many reports of aliens doing this. When I was three, I told the aliens
that my mother would get mad if I went with him and he said, "Don't worry,
we'll make things OK with your mother." My mother doesn't remember anything
except my father being very ill. The abductions last one hour or so.

(Tom Culler) Two-parter, #1: any chance that they will ever meet humans
in public?

(Leah) I think that is entirely possible. They told me they will be
coming in greater frequency and in greater numbers. They want me to talk
about this so the public won't be afraid.

(Tom Culler) #2: What was it about 'Fire in the Sky' you didn't like? It
WAS scary.

(Leah) I didn't say I didn't like it--I said that it wasn't a true depiction.

(Tom Culler) I guess I'm asking what was wrong with the depiction.

(Leah) I've never seen bodies in plastic body bags. The medical experiments
they perform are no worse than what one would experience in a doctor or
dentist's office.

(Eliot) They don't make you cough do they?

(Leah) I don't remember coughing.

(R.C.) Do you wish to be abducted again?

(Leah) No. But I don't fear it.

(R.C.) The other human you spoke about, did you get to talk with him, and
did he or she see you?

(Leah) I would like to learn more about these entities! There has been
more than one instance. There was a man lying to my left on a platform.
I was also lying on a platform but we did not speak. It was as if we were
in a drug state. On another time, I saw a man dressed in green fatigues.
I spoke to him but I don't remember what we talked about.

(Eliot) That wasn't "Rambo" was it?

(Leah) NO (laughing)

(R.C.) Have you seen the same aliens more than once?

(Leah) YES!!!!

(Eliot) How do you know?

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