Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction


(R.C.) As if you reconized them?

(Leah) One of them always tranquilizes me. His name is CETO. I don't know
how I know his name.

(Eliot) Do they have any kind of video aboard the spaceship?

(Leah) I don't remember, but other abductees have reported seeing things
that resemble videos in relation to virtual reality scenarios.

(Eliot) Are you able to fight the aliens at all?

(Leah) NO. One feels much like a person feels right before he undergoes
surgery, drugged and groggy. Incapable of fighting. I fought the military
that interrogated me about the aliens.

(Eliot) Give us an address if anybody wants to write to you.

(Leah) P.O. BOX 8152 Murfreesboro, TN 37133

Free discussion period follows:

(Tom Culler) I think the government knows what would happen - mass
hysteria - if this got too big. They may have a feeling, but to actually
see it - that our government can't control it - would scare a LOT of folks.
(Tom Cantor) I am writing a school paper on alien abductions.  Does
anyone live near San Diego? I'd like to chat or get an interview.
(K. Hett) I think that she's is well intentioned but does not necessarily
know their intentions.
(Mike Wilson) Externally directed hallucination in my book!
(John) I represent a group of abductees in the Pine Bush, NY area.
(Val Ogonowski) I take her DEAD serious because my husband and his sergeant
were underneath a spacecraft. It was never detected by NAFEC (close by) or
at least it's what they say.
(Eliot) Yes. I've talked to people involved with that 1947 Roswell incident.
Many normal people that saw a crashed UFO and dead alien bodies were told
by the government NEVER to talk about it.
(Val Ogonowski) AND many other people saw it within same few days. My
husband was interrogated by the government too.
(Tom Cantor) Have you been abducted, John?

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