Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction


(John) yes

(Josh) if there apears to be so much technology (travel, etc,) then why
is that abductees report the tools to be so primitive?

(Mike Wilson) Because that's all they can imagine!

(Tom Culler) Eliot - would you want this happen, if just once?

(Eliot) I would not personally want to be abducted by aliens--even once.
All the abductees describe the helplessness of the situation.

(Rob Danskin) I thought it strange that the GREYS have asked Leah to talk
about them, but give her no evidence and information about themselves.

(John) I was taken along with other children from this area.

(Kevin) I wondered if any of you have ever read GRAPES OF WRATH?

(Tom Cantor) How old are you, John?

(Tom Culler) Val, any info on which military branch?

(John) I am 32.

(Tom Cantor) How many times have you been abducted?

(Tom Culler) What did you think about Fire in the Sky?

(John) I remember at least six times.

(Kevin) What do you mean abducted?

(Tom Cantor) John, how do your experiences compare to Leah's?

(John) I was taken against my will.

(Val Ogonowski) Where most abductees inside or outside at time of abduction?
Tom Culler: You mean who spoke to my husband and the others?

(Tom Culler) Yes, Val.

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