Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction

(Val Ogonowski) Tom Culler: I have no idea but I know they did (for SURE!!!)
Also: when people were abducted, were they inside their homes or mostly
outside, yeard or something???

(Tom Culler) Might as well spit it out, Greg.

(Josh) Val, I think abductees go inside.

(John) They are very similar to what Leah described.

(Greg Martin) Hmm, did anybody get a feel for the physical abilities of
these beings?

(Tom Cantor) John, (a question I wanted to ask Leah) how involved is the
gov't in all this?

(John) To me, they seemed to be very strong for their size.

(Tom Culler) I believe you, Val. I'm just hoping to find out who they are.

(John) I have been involved with a women writing abook about Pine Bush.

(Val Ogonowski) Tom Culler: I live 15 miles from NAFEC (military
installation) and they claimed they never detected a thing. But then, these
official guys come along and play it all down and tell everybody they are
full of bull. We KNOW the truth!!!

(Rob Danskin) Would you say, based on your experience, that the GREYS are
a possible threat?

(Tom Culler) I wonder if it would be CIA, FBI, or some unknown group.

(Tom Cantor) John, what do you feel "their" motive is?

(Val Ogonowski) No, very official and with appointments from Washington.

(Tom Cantor) The FBI would be the most likely organization.

(John) I was told as a child, that they would come back and I was to play
an important role.

(Eliot) Think about the implications if the U.S. government officially
announced that.

(Tom Cantor) John, what do you feel is their motive in abducting?

(Eliot) There were UFO'S and they have proof!

(Tom Culler) Like I said, Eliot. Mass hysteria.

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