Leah Haley on Alien Abductions

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Alien Abduction


(Val Ogonowski) Yes, Eliot. But better to know than not to.
(John) I have already meet two of the other children I met in the ship
as a child.
(Tom Culler) Val, for those who can handle it, yeah.
(Eliot) In addition to the mass hysteria, it would create a religious
paradox with even more hysteria!
(Val Ogonowski) Who can handle most things? Who can handle war? But
we have to. Who can handle other catastrophies? But we do.
(Rich) John, were they from your town?
(David) John, how has your experience affected your adjustment to the
adult world?
(John) I believe there will be a catastrophe and they will come.
(Josh) John, you met two of the abductees?
(Tom Culler) But the big unknown here, is this is another species, with no
history for us to rely on to predict their actions?
(Val Ogonowski) Well, they study us.
(Rob Danskin) Yeah. Anyone remember "V"?
(Val Ogonowski) We should have open ears to learn about them.
(John) I have intervied over 600 people from this area with similar
(Tom Cantor) Do you guys think another species could have evolved, or it
was created by God?
(Kevin) I think you guys worry to much.
(Josh) :(
(Tom Cantor) Kevin, easy for you to say.
(Tom Culler) I think God may have set evolution in action. But let's not
open a different thread. We'll be here all night.
(Tom Cantor) OK
(Kevin) But all things come as you see them.
(Josh) Abductees always say that the aliens told them they are very
important. But what role do they play?
(Val Ogonowski) If they meant us harm, they could have harmed us long ago.
(David) John, is your collaborator on the book a published writer?
(Tom Cantor) Good point, Val
(John) no

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