Are UFOs Demonic?

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AlienMore and more scientists and serious UFO researchers believe that UFOs are not of other worlds, but simply of the spirit world.

After all, Satan is the prince of the air and for now he does have a great deal of control over the earth. Could UFOs be fleets of the demons flying over our cities and countries? As bizarre as it sounds, this could indeed be the truth.

In this hub I would like to point out the similarities between alien beings and demons and how alien abductions and demonic possession/visitations have a great deal in common.

Okay, so here is the list of similarities between the two, read it and make up your own mind.

A strong smell of sulfur is noticed when UFOs and/or demons are present.

Animal sacrifice and mutilations are a sign of UFO and/or demonic activity. There have even been human mutilation cases found in the area of UFO sightings.

Alien beings and demons are both able to go through solid walls, doors, etc.

Orbs and bright lights are often seen before the abduction or possession.

Poltergeist activity before abduction or possession.

People who were abducted or possessed showed strong interest or perhaps dabbled in the occult.

Whitley Strieber heard 3 knocks before his abduction experience, a classical sign that a demonic haunting/possession has started .

Abductions are generational as are pacts with demons. This may well explain why so many children are abducted. One of their ancestors may have signed a pact with the devil.

Aliens beings and demons have strange glowing eyes, both have a bad body odor.

Alien beings and demons both communicate telepathically.

Both alien beings and demons pose as angels of light.

Some victims have been forced to have sex or humiliating examination of genitals.

Victims will often find strange marks or markings on their bodies after the ordeal.

Both alien beings and demons paralyze their victims or put their victims in an altered state.

Victims will often encounter a reptilian being who appears to be in a position of authority over the others.

Finally, but not conclusively, both alien beings and demons can be summoned by human beings. I doubt that few people know what they are in for with these kind of actions.

We live in a spiritually unsophisticated age. Many people do not even believe in a spirit world until they have an encounter with an other worldly being. By then it may be too late, the harm is done.

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I must say, I find that very believable. Don't fool around with the occult, God can't protect you from these things if you go against his laws. As far as I know, no honest born again Christian has ever been abducted by alien beings, which is a statement all its own.


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