The Hidden Truth - Aliens are Demons

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3.7 million people indicate that they may have had an abduction experience with an unidentified flying object. Many of these people have recovered these memories through hypnosis. They claim to be taken inside space ships and examined on, while 'aliens' communicated telepathic messages to them.


UFO Purple

Scientists at Cal State university did research at one time a number of years ago, where they took people at random, who had no such idea about aliens, or ufos, and no indication that they had ever been abducted and they hypnotized them. The scientists suggested to the subjects they had, in fact, been abducted, and asked them to describe the situation. The descriptions were exactly the same as people who reported these incidents on their own.


The scientists asked the random group of people to describe the aliens and came up with very similar descriptions of the classic alien gray, as well as stating they were being medically examined.


No one understands exactly what hypnosis is other than it seems to loosen the connection between the mind and the spirit or soul of a person. It is an altered state of consciousness similar to what yogis and or witch doctors and such would practice. If a hypnotist can suggest things that are not happening, make people think they have powers they do not have, experiences that never happened in the past, or implant false memories, other beings or entities could obviously do the same thing.


The brain seems to be a machine, that a ghost could operate. Your spirit operates your brain.


What is exceeding striking and odd, is that many of these 'messages' from so called aliens, around 90% contain the same general message as the following one.


(purported alien message to humanity - the Final Lie)


"We come from the planetary confederation of solar systems. And our purpose is to aid our brother, man, on the planet Earth, as the new age dawns. The teacher that was known to you as Jesus, was able to use many more of the abilities than the people of this planet. Unfortunately, Man upon planet Earth has misinterpreted the meaning of this man's life. He was no different than any of you. He was simply able to remember certain principles. These principles may be realized by anyone at anytime. It is only necessary that you avail yourself to our contact through meditation in order to begin to re-realize that which is rightfully yours. The truth of the creation and the truth of your position in it. Know ye not that ye are gods. We have been puzzled at times by the inability of the people in general of this planet to be awakened to this simple truth. We find that the state of hypnosis brought about by the evolution of thought by the people of this planet is so great that it is necessary for him to maintain constant awareness with meditation. Man is know in the transitional period before the dawn of a new age. With peace, love, brotherhood, and understanding on Man's part, he will see a great new era begin to dawn. "


How credible is it to think that literally thousands of genuine extraterrestrials would fly millions of light years to simply teach new age philosophy, deny Jesus Christ and support the occult? Why would entities actually possess and inhabit people just like demons do if they were really advanced extraterrestrials? UFO activity is more akin to magic, than it is to modern physics. Aliens are more likely to be demons in disguise, with a far more sinister and horrific purpose in mind that most could ever begin to fathom.


The word "demon" comes from the greek word meaning "knowledge" or "intelligence", implying that demons have access to knowledge and information denied to ordinary mortals.


Thousands of books have been written on the subject of demonology, which is the ancient and scholarly study of monsters and demons. The manifestations and occurences described in this literature are identical to the UFO phenomenon. Victims of demonic possession suffer from the same medical and emotional symptoms as the UFO contactees.


A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing and invisible entities as well as phenomenon like poltergeist manifestations and possession. Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomenon that have long been know to theologians and parapsychologists.


UFO and Alien Deception

The tales of alien abduction and medical examinations against the will of victims is reminiscent of the tales of demons attacking people in the middle ages in the night. It would appear we are not dealing with alien abductions on the right level. We seem to be actually dealing with some sort of control system. UFOs are being used to rearrange Man's concepts. They engage on a world wide campaign of subliminal suggestion and seduction of thought.  UFOs appear to be real, but are not physical.


UFOs appear to be setting mankind up for some sort a grand delusion, or great lie.


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