The Alien / Demon Deception

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A person who was placed under hypnosis, "receives" messages from an alien entity claiming to be here to help man, and even commenting on Jesus, as being "insignificant", and how that all people how the power of Jesus.  "Man has misinterpreted the meaning of Jesus's life on Earth. He was no different than any other man, and was simply able to remember certain principles". The person goes on to state "these principles can be reached again at any time as long you submit yourself to the practice of mediation to reach us so that we can help you understand the truth of your creation and the truth of your position in it."


The topic chosen for the message, is weak, and not thought out very well to those who scrutinize with independent thought.


This is obvious deception. Beings from another world would have no immediate comment on Jesus, or even know of him. They would be seeking resources to perpetuate their growth throughout the universe.


It is similar to the idea that grandma is haunting her home after she has died because she loved it so. This is not the case at all. Demons gain great pleasure in fooling people to believe such things. It brings them an opening into people's lives. Some become addicted to tarot cards, horoscopes, the EVP phenomena, and Ouija boards. To the point where they are unable to make a move without consulting those mediums first.


Prince of the Powers of the Air. Lord of That which Flies. The Great Deceiver. Satan. This is all part of the End Time Delusion. Revelation speaks of demons that look like FROGS causing false wonders and miracles in the sky. The Grays certainly look like frog like creatures.

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