Fatima Secrets & The UFO Demon Deception

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Coast to Coast AM's George Noory welcomed traditional Catholic Benedictine Monk for 19 years, Brother Michael Dimond, for a discussion on why he believes UFOs are demonic entities, as well as the third secret of Fatima. He said that it is a misconception that the Virgin Mary bestowed three separate secrets. Instead, he claimed that the message is a sequential series of events with the infamous "third secret" being the conclusion.

Detailing new information which suggests that the "official release" of the third secret by the Vatican in 2000 was actually incomplete, he revealed that when Sister Lucia wrote down that portion of the prophecy, she divided it into two parts. "One is the words of 'Our Lady' and one is the vision," he said. According to him, the Catholic Church only released the description of the vision and not the words spoken by Mary. when John Paul II decided to release the Secret, a power-struggle of sorts erupted in the Vatican.

He postulates that John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger wanted to release the Secret in its entirety, but Cardinal Sodano, then Vatican Secretary of State, opposed the idea. And opposition from a Vatican Secretary of State is formidable. First, we have the recent statement by Bishop Williamson of the Society of Saint Pius X, who relates that a priest acquaintance from Austria told him that Cardinal Ratzinger confided (to the Austrian priest) that he had two things weighing on his conscience.

One was his mishandling of the Message of Fatima on June 26, the other was his 1988 mishandling of Archbishop Lefebvre. Cardinal Ratzinger is reported to have said that in case of Archbishop Lefebvre, "I failed", and in the case of Fatima, "my hand was forced." Socci's hypothesis supports Cardinal's Ratzinger alleged statement on the forcing of his hand.

Over the course of the evening, Dimond also talked about esoteric topics such as Area 51, cattle mutilations, and alien abduction. Regarding Area 51, he claimed that, in 1947, "they held a huge Satanic ritual on the very spot" where the secret base would eventually be built. This ritual, Dimond said, was meant to allow inter-dimensional entities a gateway to our space time continuum. While he acknowledged that the base is home to many experimental aircraft, Dimond also theorized that "some of the other things seen in the sky could very well be Satanic false signs and wonders." Additionally, he observed that the experimental aircraft are, ultimately, to be used in warfare, a development he attributed to Satan's nefarious plans to destroy the human race.

An interesting an intelligent discussion from one catholic view of the UFO phenomena in Part 2. However, Dimond holds extremely strict views regarding religion itself as well, which one can take with a grain of salt. He also views the Pope as a false pope. The conversation breaks down into religious argument about details with callers, which can be extremely mind numbing. It would be safe to skip Part 4 to avoid this.

There has been an explosion of theory about what UFOs really are in recent years, and the idea they are really demons deceiving humanity. It is odd that reported aliens abductions involve the 'aliens' claiming that Jesus was just a  man, and that all men are gods.

These abduction claims as insane as they sound, have been reported by millions over the years. The topic is extremely interesting.


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