George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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     Various strange phenomena

    1) The frightening incidents experienced by the farmer and his family, from 1994 to 1996

In late 1994, the Gorman family, Tom, Ellen and their children, (not their real name) buys the ranch to raise cattle, and moves onto it. It is vacant since several years although it's a good land for cattle. They are surprised to find heavy locks at all doors and windows when they move in.Tom Gorman

Within a few months, they begin to see balls of light of various colours, white, yellow and blue, moving around the cattle and their home. They frequently observe baseball-sized orbs, of bright blue color, "filled with swirling liquid, electrically charged" (p. 142), which dim the lights around when passing near the house. They see also strange clouds "filled with exploding silent lights".

Now here is one of the main aspects of the whole story. Several animals disappear without a trace. Others are found dead, mutilated. In all, Tom Gorman will lose 14 registered cattle out of a herd of eighty animals (p. 90), a severe financial loss. It is going to be one of the main subjects of study for NIDS.

One day, a frightening incident happens. A huge "wolf", actually much bigger than a wolf, comes quietly close to them across the field. When it is very close, it attacks a calf suddenly. They shoot it but it is very hard to stop it, even with a powerful gun. Although it has been hit by several bullets, enough to kill an elk, it just goes away quietly and disappears in the woods. They follow the tracks of the animal, in the mud close to a river, but suddenly they stop abruptly. It looks like an unreal happening but they are sure to have badly wounded a real animal, which has even lost a bit of flesh on the ground.

They experience poltergeist activity in their home: doors slam, objects disappear and are found later in another place, in or outside the house. Some incidents are just like bad tricks. For instance, they find the salt in the pepper shaker and vice versa. Another time, Ellen Gorman finds, back on the kitchen table, all the groceries she had careful stacked in the cupboards (p. 239). Sometimes, they hear voices laughing and mocking them in an unknown language.

    UFO-like objects

Tom and Ellen Gorman "reported separate sightings of a silent, hovering, triangular craft that projected multicolored lights from its black frame" (p.141). Gorman has also seen a "silent miniature version of the F-117 aircraft", moving slowly at less than 20 feet above the ground. On another evening, his wife Ellen Gorman, when driving home, is "shadowed by a huge black triangular craft" that paces 30 feet above the car.

Such silent UFO-like crafts have been observed in the area. One of their neighbours, Gonsalez, has observed a UFO shaped like a Mexican hat. Another time, he has seen a silvery disc which seemed to be "absorbed by the ridge" (p. 140). This is an interesting observation which suggests the passage of the UFO in "another dimension".

Several times, the Gormans have seen ghostly creatures, like the legendary "bigfoot", also called "sasquatch" by the Indians, prowling their property. They hear ominous growls, are nauseated by musk odors, and they see at the same time silent flying objects "shaped like a refrigerator", hovering around, causing panic among the cattle, and disappearing suddenly.  They seem to be similar to the "chupas" which attacked isolated people in the in the Northeast of Brazil.

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