George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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In addition to that, in their chapter 30, called "Inner Worlds", the authors explore possible connections of these phenomena with human consciousness, citing again Harpur, Grosso, Kenneth Ring and his study of near death experiments, and they also turn toward meditation and shamanism. They mention an advice of the NIDS science Advisory Board about the possible existence of a "sentient, precognitive, non-human intelligence". They also introduce here the ideas of Dr John Mack about "other realms or dimensions", "alternate realities", "doorways to spiritual evolution", and the "innerworld nature of the experiencers".

Toward the end of the book, they refer again to Jacques Vallée and his hypothesis of a technologically advanced "control system" which may reside on this planet, be responsible for the display of UFOs, and which seems to operate for reasons that are opaque, and mysterious. It may have "an agenda to educate human societies over an extended period of time" (p. 255).

The appearances of the Virgin Mary at Fatima and Lourdes might be examples of this control system's productions. Kelleher and Knapp raise this question: "Were the events at the Utah ranch another one of its productions?". And they admit at the end their confusion: "It's as if some cosmic puppet master had written a laundry list of every spooky phenomenon of modern times and then unleashed them all in a single location, resulting in a supernatural smogasborg that no one could possibly believe, even less understand." (p 270).

These are interesting pages of the book, which remind us of the writings of Jacques Vallée, who has obviously influenced them. However, even though I would subscribe to some of these ideas, I remain perplexed by this general line of thinking which seems bent on the rejection of the ETH. My basic question remains: Why not aliens, extraterrestrial beings? If such beings can master other dimensions and travel through them, does that mean that they are no longer physical beings, of extraterrestrial origin?

And, why could not there be a coexistence of both kinds of entities and phenomena, real and physical, or "supernatural"? Jerome Clark suggests that, more or less, in an article of the International UFO Reporter, called "The core phenomenon and the secondary phenomenon" (IUR, Vol 30, Number 4). In his view, we should probably avoid mixing these two kinds of "anomalies". On the other hand, I would add that many UFO events comprise aspects of "high strangeness", of which the case of the Utah ranch gives us a good example. So, the distinction between real-physical and supernatural phenomena is not an easy one. My personal feeling is that they all pertain to one and same world.

To conclude my critique of the book, I propose a glimpse at the events which happened on another ranch, this one in Colorado in 1975. They were studied by APRO and several scientists, and they may point to another perspective. The story is told at length in the book of Timothy Good Alien Contact (1993, chapter "Colorado Breakthrough"). Kelleher and Knapp also tell that curious story in their book.

Skinwalker Ranch
Very briefly, the owners of that ranch went through many frightening experiences, akin to those of the Utah ranch, such as Bigfoot creatures, strange noises, disc-shaped objects flying slowly in front of the house, etc. And cattle mutilations. The local police did not want to hear any more about that. A policeman told them that they knew what it was: the work of extraterrestrials, and that they could do nothing about it! One evening, a voice was heard, in their home, through their TV speakers, saying: "Attention! We have allowed you to remain", and recommending them to keep quiet about the events. Another evening, having noticed lights in the woods, they went to see what it was. They found two beings, of human appearance, waiting for them in the light. These beings spoke to the main witness by his name and told him: "How nice of you to come!" At a short distance, there was a disc on the ground. They apologized for the inconvenience they had caused and promised some "more equitable arrangement", which actually never came. They did not really give any information on themselves and their role, except maybe this one, as the main witness said: "The only thing I found out for sure is that this big fuzzy thing, "Bigfoot", obeys the commands". So, that "Bigfoot" would just be a kind of creature of the aliens!

According to Timothy Good, the opinion of the owner of the ranch in Colorado is that there is some kind of permanent alien installation located on the ranch. He points out that it offers a perfect view on a nearby military installation, and he feels that they are watching our military potential. (p. 70).

I find that story very interesting, when you consider the big UFO file of surveillance of military installations, especially of nuclear bases. As for the Utah ranch studied by NIDS, let's recall that the Gormans heard several times strange noises of big machinery which seemed to come from underground. Was it just another trick of the "skinwalker" kind, or was there more to it? What was really going on, at and under the NIDS ranch? As a conclusion, I would like to say that Hunt for The Skinwalker is a very interesting book, but which leaves the reader perplexed, with a lot of unanswered questions.


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