George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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One of the most impressive and disturbing events was when they found four big bulls, each weighing more than two thousand pounds, locked, asleep, inside a trailer near the corral which had not been used in years. When they awakened, the bulls devastated the interior and it was a hell of a job to get them out of it.


Another time, Tom watches a herd of cows suddenly split as if something invisible is in the middle of them. However, that invisible thing produces a powerful magnetic field, detectable with his compass.

    The "window"

Chapter 8 of the book, called "The Window", reveals a series of outstanding observations, which might be central to the whole story: the apparition of a sort of circular "window", flHole in Space Timeoating in the sky. Let's quote exactly the first lines of the chapter:

"Of all the extraordinary things that occurred at the Gorman ranch, the most common involved the strange, unwordly orange structures that would appear in the western sky. All family members saw these structures dozens of times. They would appear in the sky and seemed to hover low over the cottonwood trees about a mile away".

They see it, after nightfall, always roughly at the same place. One night, Tom Gorman can see, inside the circle, what looks to him like "another sky": "Through the magnifying scope, he distinctly saw a blue sky. On this particular night, the orange object looked like it was a window into somewhere else where it was still daylight." (p. 63).

Another important point is that, one night, Gorman sees a fast moving black object, growing rapidly at the center of the orange "window". It seems to come out of the "hole" in the sky, and quickly vanishes in the night. This convinces him that it's a kind of "dimensional doorway" through which objects can enter and exit our reality. This is a central idea of the whole story, to which I will return later.

Here is another incident which gives a definite impression of hostile manipulation by whoever is behind it, pulling the strings. By June 1996, rumors were already spreading of strange events on the ranch, and a visitor came to inquire about them. A tall, quiet man, he engaged into a sort of meditation in the middle of a field, his eyes closed and his arms raised. Suddenly, something began moving rapidly in the nearby wood. Tom Gorman, who was there, could not make out the shape but knew it was big. Suddenly, a blurred shape came out of the wood and moved swiftly toward the man, stopped just in front of him and "let out a deep-throated animal roar", sounding half like a bear, half like a lion. The stranger was terrified and started screaming hysterically. He left the property in a state of panic and never came back.

In the summer of 1996, Tom Gorman and his family reach a breaking point. One day, Tom lets his three "favorite cattle dogs" pursue a "blue, baseball sized, flying orb". They follow it in a nearby wood, Gorman hears them yell, and hears them no more. Afraid, he will look for the dogs only in the morning in the wood, only to find them completely burned, incinerated.
At that point, the Gormans are so shocked and terrorized that they decide to sell the ranch. NIDS purchases the property in August of 1996 and decides to launch a scientific study there. The Gorman family moves 25 miles away but Tom agrees to come daily to take care of the ranch and the cattle, and to help the NIDS team.



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