George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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    Well studied cases of Cattle Mutilations

It is known that, since the end of the sixties, thousands of mutilation cases have been reported in many areas of the United States, Canada and other countries. In recent years, the phenomenon has spread extensively in South America. The state of Utah, and the area of the Uintah basin, where the NIDS ranch is located, have been plagued with many cases of cattle mutilations. Actually, it has been one of the main areas in the country, and NIDS has investigated a number of cases there, in addition to those at the ranch.

At the Gorman ranch, the main event, directely witnessed and studied by NIDS, has been the killing and mutilation, on March 10, 1997, of a young calf, in broad daylight, during a brief absence of the team, gone on the other side of a hill, which lasted less than 45 minutes. It has been thorougly studied, kept under wraps for a while, but eventually published on the NIDS web site, and it is now exposed in detail in the book.

The book offers no explanation for these mysterious killings and mutilations. However, on the NIDS web site, Dr Kelleher has published an important study on the possible link of cattle mutilations with Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE, icluding the BSE, or "mad cow disease") in North America. According to the study, there is a curious coincidence between the areas of extension of the two phenomena. Kelleher speculates that the purpose of these mutilations might be a surveillance of the illness, and also to warn us about it. One thought comes to mind, though: why not more cattle mutilations in countries where mad cow disease has hit the most, such as England?


In February 2002, as the various strange phenomena had "slowed to a mere trickle", a new incident took place: a perfect circle appeared overnight in a shallow, ice-covered pond, not far from the main house. By the way, there are other cases of formation of ice rings, in other places, which may be compared to crop circles as well. What is the meaning of all that? What is the "message"?

    Ice circle found on the NIDS ranch in 2002

   Ice Ring at Skinwalker Ranch        

In another chapter, discussing possible military involvement, the authors mention, curiously, that "a local psychic who walked the property declared that the circle had been produced by a technology that was located underground" (p. 224).

This is the moment to mention another curious aspect of the story. The Gormans said that they often heard sounds of heavy machinery or metal equipment coming from under the earth. And the previous owners had warned them to avoid any digging! (p. 224). In retrospect, it is curious that the book does not give more information about these mysterious previous owners. They seemed to know a lot about the ranch, and might have helped the NIDS study.

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