George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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By the way, such bizarre sounds have been heard, allegedly, in other places, like the San Luis Valley and the "Four Corners" area. The San Luis Valley, located in the south of Colorado, has been another prominent area for many strange phenomena: especially UFOs, odd balls of light, and cattle mutilations. This is where the first publicized case of mutilation happened, the one of the little horse Snippy (in fact, named Lady) in 1967. Christopher O'Brien, who has written a book of these events, The Mysterious Valley (1996), reports a testimony of strange noises, loud humming and deep rumbling, heard close to the ground, in the area of the Great Sand Dunes (p. 185).

    Credibility of the story, and the question of secrecy

The fact that the NIDS team observed many strange incidents like those reported by the Gorman family gives a high credibility to the whole story. There are also testimonies from neighbours of the ranch. On the other hand, it would have been also interesting to find the previous owners of the ranch and learn their own story. Some neighbors who knew them felt that they had somehow learned to accept these phenomena and live with them.

We may regret, however, that the book does not give any precise, scientific data collected on the ranch, such as magnetic recordings, or even pictures of the lights balls and orbs. For instance, there are many pictures, stills and videos, of light balls in connection with crop circles. So, why not at the NIDS ranch, with all their sophisticated equipment? Perhaps because, according to Tom Gorman, as soon as the NIDS team arrived at the ranch, the phenomena became much more elusive, as if the "intelligence" behind them had become much more cautious. However, Colm Kelleher admits that they do have recorded material, so the question arises: why don't they publish them? Are they classified material? During all these years, the NIDS investigation at the ranch remained quite confidential, fueling accusations of secrecy.

The book, because of the lack of precise documentation, does not put an end completely to these rumors. It is a matter of public knowledge that NIDS had close links with the military. This is demonstrated, notably, by the presence of Colonel Alexander in the scientific board, a man with a long career in secret military studies.


    II - Theories, and speculations: parallel universes? paranormal phenomena?

    In their book, Colm Kelleher and George Knapp address a lot of ideas and speculations which might explain, according to them, the strange events at the NIDS ranch. Two main lines are discussed:
    - first, the idea of "other dimensions", and the concepts of "parallel" universes, which have been proposed in several theories of advanced physics;
    - second, the nature of the beings, or "entities", who are behind these strange phenomena.

    1) Parallel universes and other "dimensions"

Colm Kelleher and George Knapp have devoted a significant and interesting part of their book to the question of parallel universes and "other dimensions". They refer to several scientific theories which have been developed over many years about the existence of one, or several, so called "parallel" universes. Let's recall briefly the main ones, and see how they are viewed in the book.

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