George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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    "Wormholes", based on the General Theory of Relativity

The best known theory is the one of "traversable wormholes", imagined in 1985 by the American physicist Kip Thorne, of Cal Tech, at the request of his friend Carl Sagan, who used it in his famous novel Contact. It is based on Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, and it is a real scientific speculation by a reputable physicist. In a few words, there may exist a way to go from one part of the universe to another, or from one universe to another, parallel one, through a "hole" made in in the fabric of space-time, dubbed "wormhole", and passing through a "hyperspace", or four dimensional space, such as in these figures taken from the famous book of physicist Michio Kaku Hyperspace:

It is a fascinating concept but everyone admits that, at best, we are a very long way from being able to engineer one. It would require, to begin with, a colossal amount of "exotic" or "negative" energy, just to keep it open, and nobody knows how that could be done, although it has become a standard way for space travel in science-fiction movies! It would also require our universe to be "curved" (the curvature of space in Einstein's theory), but all astronomical observations suggest that, apparently, it is flat, actually!

It's worth noting here, however, that physicist Eric Davis, who worked for NIDS, has written a paper, delivered at the MUFON symposium of 2001, entitled "Wormhole-Stargates: tunneling through the cosmic neighborhood" (it is also on the NIDS website). In it, Davis boldly describes what such a wormhole could be and seems confident that we may achieve that someday, by tapping into a fantastic source of power, the so-called "zero point energy". He notes that, "of the more than 650 cases investigated by NIDS, several dozen clearly portend wormhole manifestations", and he includes in the list, unsurprisingly, the phenomena observed at the Utah ranch.

Let's mention here that there are other testimonies of similar phenomena, suggesting the opening of "holes", or "gates" to other dimensions.

 And here is a third testimony, this one in relation with crop circles in Wiltshire.

According to Michael Hesemann, in his book Messages, in the evening of July 9, 1998, several witnesses saw helicopters going after a ball of light, at West Woods. Another witness, the farmer Terry Butcher, of Alton Barnes, saw a kind of tunnel opening in the clouds, as if something big was passing through it, and then the tunnel disappeared. The next day, a pictogram was discovered near Alton Barnes (pp. 77 to 80, French edition).

    "Polarizable-vacuum" theory

Eric Davis also mentions an "alternative theory of gravity" proposed by the American physicist Harold Puthoff, known as the "polarizable-vacuum (PV) representation of general relativity, which treats the vacuum as a polarizable medium". According to Davis, Puthoff's PV model is "the only alternative theory of gravity which has been successfully applied to explain the physical, anti-physical and physiological characteristics and performances" which have been reported in UFO cases.

These theories are also mentioned in the book of Kelleher and Knapp, but they seem to favour another concept, the so-called "many worlds theory", or "multiverse", which derives from the second pillar of physics, the Quantum physics. By the way, this idea of "multiverse" has also been promoted by Jacques Vallée, member of the scientific board of NIDS, in his books and articles.

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