George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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    2) Who is there? Aliens, otherwordly beings, or what else?

Colm Kelleher and George Knapp think, like many other authors, that the classical ETH hypothesis falls short of explaining things, and they favour "paranormal" theories, about so called "otherwordly" beings and entities coming from other "dimensions". So, we are back to the old question: "ET or not ET?". Let's see what their arguments are.

    The ETH questioned

In their chapter 25, entitled "Hypotheses", the authors start with this question: "Were UFOs flying over the Utah ranch, or was the ranch haunted?", and they review various hypotheses. They quickly discard hoaxes, delusions, and unexplained natural phenomena such as the "tectonic strain theory" of Michael Persinger. They mention the idea of an ancient, very advanced, terrestrial civilization (human, presumably), but they don't insist, and I won't either. Then comes the big question of Extraterrestrials, which they present as "the best known, but not necessarily the most credible, model for multiple anomalous phenomena" (p. 215). It seems very difficult for them to conceive of an agenda for a group of extraterrestrial visitors, choosing such a remote and out-of-the-way location.

They refer to the "standard model" of the ET hypothesis, the aliens flying "nuts-and-bolts" spacecraft, and consider that "the events at the ranch yielded insufficient data to support or eliminate this hypothesis", although some of the events "very much fit the standard description of UFOs". Colm Kelleher admits that he has seen one himself with a colleague: "a silent, extremely fast moving object coming from the north and rapidly executing a perfect loop over the command and control center before returning north". (p. 216).

They consider the idea of "smart probes", supposedly sent from interstellar distances, but they discard it on the basis of a test proposed in the 1990s by aerospace engineer Roy Dutton who claimed to be able to specify the exact spot and date of the appearance of such anomalous aerial phenomena. And guess what? The Utah ranch failed that test! Another argument of the authors against the ETH is that, to this day, nobody has found any artifacts - physical or biological - of proven extraterrestrial origin. They also discard rapidly the hypothesis of "ancient astronauts", which is, for them, "not supported by any physical data".

    Arguments in favor of the ETH

Well, I am sorry to say that I find this argumentation very weak. In my opinion, it fails to consider seriously the vast amount of information gathered over the last sixty years on UFOs, on which has been built a strong and convincing case for the presence of, not one, but more probably several alien civilizations, some of them present, arguably, for a long time on our planet. In France, a group of senior scientists and military experts have said that, very clearly, in the COMETA Report, in 1999.

There are strong indications about the reality of physical crafts of alien origin, made by non-human, scientifically advanced, civilizations. Whether they come from a planet of this world or from a "parallel" world, does not change their nature of real, physical alien beings who have come to Earth, for some purpose.

There are strong testimonies, for instance, about the UFO crash near Roswell, and possibly others, such as the Ubatuba case in Brazil. Fragments of a UFO were collected and studied. A first analysis revealed very pure magnesium with a specific weight above normal, but the matter was later confused with other analyses in the United States. The story has been told by physicist Paul Hill in his remarkable book Unconventional Flying Objects. I have told the story in this article:

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