George Knapp and the Hunt for the Skinwalker

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    Paul Hill

There are many testimonies about secret studies on retrieved crafts and bodies, and even about contacts with live aliens, etc. There are even credible testimonies about the existence of alien bases on Earth, or close to Earth, about abductions by alien beings (including, for instance, implants such as those retrieved by Dr Roger Leir, some of which were studied with the help of NIDS!). And there are many cases of cattle mutilations linked with observations of UFOs.

It is ironic that the NIDS team has made very convincing studies on mutilations, at the Utah ranch and elsewhere. A simple question is: who could have done that, if not aliens? Ghosts? Demons? Otherwordly beings? Supernatural entities?

And, if we go to the heart of the matter, we must be aware that there are many convincing testimonies and documents proving the existence of a strict policy of secrecy on UFOs, led mainly by the American government since the first wave of 1947, and followed, more or less, by many other countries. It is impossible, of course, to go into more detail, here, about all these huge UFO files. However, at this point, Kelleher and Knapp open the door to various, so called "paranormal" theories, excluding ETs.

    "Paranormal" theories favoured by the authors Multiverse

The idea that the strange phenomena at the Utah ranch are of a "paranormal" nature runs continuously through the whole book. The authors refer to many aspects, beginning with old indian legends such a the mysterious "skinwalker", as we have seen already. For the Ute Indians, the ranch is clearly a haunted place, filled with dark, evil energies. For them, it is "in the path of the Skinwalker", a malevolent force, to be avoided. These are quasi-religious, "supernatural" beliefs, and similar interpretations are found among religious, fundamentalist believers, for whom such manifestations have to be the work of demons.
But the authors don't stop here, and they turn to some more sophisticated, "paranormal" theories. In their chapter 28, called "Other Dimensions", they discuss the ideas of several authors, the main ones being:
    - Jacques Vallée and his hypothesis of a mysterious "control system" pulling the strings for a long time, with an obscure agenda;
    - John Keel and his no less mysterious theory of "ultraterrestrials", whatever that means;
    - Patrick Harpur and his intriguing concept of "Daimonic reality", which is derived from the belief in "Daimons" of the ancient Greeks;
    - and also Michael Grosso and his concept of "imaginal realm".

All these ideas present variations around the concept of "interdimensional beings", of creatures who are not necessarily physical, and who have inscrutable agendas (p. 238). Let's remark here that there is a long history of thinking along such lines, in esoterical traditions. And they were present since the very beginning of ufology, after World War II, with authors such as Meade Layne, of San Francisco, who believed in "etheric realms" and saw UFOs as "ether ships".

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