Bigfoot Sightings 2015; An Interdimensional Creature

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Bigfoot hunter Matthew "Dr. J" Johnson claims to know why it's been impossible to find hard evidence that would prove that the mysterious Sasquatch is indeed real.

While speaking at the Bigfoot Habituation Research Conference, which was held last week at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Bremerton, Washington, the 53-year-old psychologist stated that Sasquatch is an interdimensional beast that travels through night portals and possesses cloaking capability. As a result, it has managed to outsmart and hide evidence of its existence from humans for years, reports the Bremerton Patriot.

According to Johnson, the apelike creature actually lives in another dimension, and travels through portals that can only be seen at night. He added that the portals disappear in any type of light. They are also guarded by furry creatures with glowing eyes which scare off humans who try to get too close.

"Portals are real, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not making this crap up," said Johnson, who helped organize the conference.

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He also revealed that Bigfoot spoke to him one night in a dream.

"The adolescent male (Bigfoot) says 'It's OK, that's just a portal and those are two guardians who are making sure you guys don't go into the portal, so they're scaring you away,'" Dr. J said.

Johnson went on to explain other observances and personal encounters that he has had with the elusive beast. However, he was just one of the dozens of speakers who spoke at the conference before a group of 100 attendees.

Also at the event, was famous filmmaker Bob Gimlin, who helped create the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Film that allegedly captures Bigfoot walking in Bluff Creek, California.

"I'm honored to get all of this [attention]," said the 84-year-old movie maker.

Watch clips of Matthew Johnson's speech below.


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