Some physicists agree: Hell exists and it's another dimension

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Some physicists agree: Hell exists and it's another dimension.


Whether you will end up there is conjecture. It may all depend on your spiritual beliefs and your actions--or lack of them.

But regardless if you choose to believe that such a place exists or not is immaterial.

Hell does exist.


Mathematics support the physics of Hell and the creatures of ancient myth and theology might also exist.

But Hell is not always constrained behind the matrix of forces separating our knowable universe from the chaos of the damned. Hell is not safely tucked away, its forces bottled up and kept at arms length from the hustle and bustle of busy Earthlings.


Sometimes the dimensional wall that separates Creation from Chaos is pierced by forces beyond imagination.

Sometimes that realm of darkness and terror slips its bonds and travels the inter-spatial voids to other places and realities.

Sometimes Hell insinuates itself into the deepest fears of Mankind's darkest nightmares.

Sometimes Hell comes to Earth.


Demons fall from the sky

Through the ages terrified witnesses described how demons appeared before them. Many saw signs written across the skies. Sometimes horrific catastrophes were accompanied by visions of unspeakable evil and a parade of images danced: the legions of the damned.


At best, artists tried to capture some of the fleeting images of the Evil Ones with paint, chalk, charcoal or ink. Some surviving examples of demonic sightings are testaments to the experience of those frightened observers centuries ago, yet most failed to convince.


Renaissance woman with the Devil

An after-the-fact illustration is not the same thing as experiencing something with your own eyes.

But the camera changed all that. Images that were seen--no matter how fleeting--could be captured on film and studied later. The elements of the fantastic event could be analyzed, the physics extrapolated on, and the dimensional doorway that was violated could be researched.

The oil fire demons




The 1990s oil fire demon


This demon face appeared amidst the fury of a raging oil fire and explosion in Texas. The fire consumed most of the complex and cost several men their lives. The heat was so intense steel sagged and melted a thousand feet from the epicenter of the inferno.

A photojournalist snapping a series of pictures of the destruction later developed this particular one. He admitted after processing the negative that seeing the demonic face caused him a moment of cold shock. Later, he swore that horrible face haunted him and was the single most frightening thing he'd ever seen.


oil fire demon

The 1930s oil fire demon


This photo was published in the newspaper and one of the readers--an old time Oklahoma wildcatter--contacted the paper to tell them that another photo of that demon existed. He had seen it back in the 1930s when an oil derrick had caught fire and a photographer captured an eerily similar image on monochromatic film.

The editor of the paper researched their archives and sure enough a print of it was stuck in some old files.

Satan sails the clouds

satan cloud

Hell came to Earth with a crack of thunder over the U.S. capitol one tumultuous afternoon. A tourist captured this terrifying image with a 35mm camera. The roiling clouds over Washington, D.C. produced a devastating storm that wreaked havoc on the city, cut power and damaged buildings. Above all the sound and fury the demonic face surveyed the domain of debilitating destruction.

The gateway to hell

fire pit

This bottomless burning pit in Russia may have opened a chasm to Hell itself. Some of the villagers that populate the surrounding countryside believe it.


fire pit


Sometimes unworldly howls and groans belch from the smoldering inferno. Geologists say the eerie sounds are made by shifting and cracking rocks.

The villagers laugh at that.

Hell just a step away


Where is Hell? Just a step away. It's around the next bend of the road. It's in the fist of a thug holding a gun or a dictator ordering the deaths of thousands.

Hell is in the heart of Man. Hell is where you find it or make it.

Or where it sometimes finds you...

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