The Devil and Karen Kingston

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“…demons are a highly organized system of evil spirits hostile to God and men,” charges Associate Evangelist Leighton F. S. Ford, a member of the Billy Graham team since 1955. “Demons are individual personalities, spiritual beings, each with a name, a will, an intelligence, and a personality…. demons are messengers of Satan, wholly given over to evil, seeking to tempt, to pervert, to invade, to despoil men and women.”

There is no longer any doubt about demons in the minds of most of the people involved with the exorcism of young and pitiful Karen Kingston.

A youthful Holiness minister, a dubious Catholic priest, and a skeptical Southern Baptist evangelist formed an unlikely trio of exorcists. They were to temporarily lay aside their theological differences and join hands in mortal combat against the raging forces of Satan. Ten people experienced a horrifying three days in contact with a dangerous group of evil entities.

Ten people came away from the chilling experience with a strengthened faith in God.

Ten people witnessed a miracle.


Karen Kingston is a teenager. She was born on November 7, 1960. Her father, a drunkard, was brutally murdered by her mother on July 14, 1968. Karen witnessed the crime. The little seven-year old waif was almost immediately placed in a foster home.

Karen’s mother, Cynthia, was sent to prison for a life term. The traumatic shock of witnessing a nine-inch butcher knife plunging in and out of her screaming father was just too much for Karen. It was to dramatically change her life.


Shortly after being warmly welcomed by her new guardians, Karen Kingston began having terrible fits. She stopped learning. She changed from a cute, playful, and smiling little girl to one who was withdrawn and morose. She became more and more animalistic. Her foster parents proved unable to cope with the fast-changing situation. Within six months, on January 4, 1969, they regretfully turned Karen over to State authorities. She was committed to a home for retarded children.

Upon commitment, Karen Kingston, now eight years old, progressively worsened. Within the first twelve months of confinement, by the time she turned nine, Karen had become practically a vegetable. She could not feed or dress herself; she could not go to the bathroom alone; she could not read or write. Karen was almost helpless. According to Dr. Manley Fromme, “Karen required complete custodial care. She needed to be in protective custody. But this is to be expected in any case where the IQ drops to below a 50 rating.”


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