The Devil and Karen Kingston

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Reverend Rogers again started talking to it. “You know that you must eventually come out of this girl. Why don’t you just leave quietly! You know that Jesus can make you come out! You do realize this, do you not?”

“Yes, I know,” it responded in a frightened voice. It then began to plead, “But this is my house! I want to stay in here! I have no other place to go. Please leave me alone.”

“You must, by the authority of Jesus Christ, leave her!” charged Rogers more sternly. “What is your name? (Pause) What is your name?”

“Why do you want to bother me?” whined the demon. “I’m not hurting her. Where will I go?” Karen started to whimper. Tears welled up in her eyes and trickled down both cheeks.

Rogers ignored the pleadings. He shouted, “I command you, by the blood of Jesus Christ—to tell me your name!”

Then with a sneer, the evil spirit responded, “I won’t, I won’t, and you can’t make me! You are powerless!”

“In Jesus name-Jesus-Jesus-Jesus-tell me who you are! Reveal your identity!”

“I am Linus.” The entity’s voice was more subdued.


Reverend Rogers was scanning the handwriting specimen. He asked, “Who is Peggy? Is Peggy a friend of yours? Who is this Peggy you mention in your writing?”

hellish anger
“Peggy? Why the black, kinky-haired nurse, damn it!” replied Linus in a scornful tone. “You know God damned well who I’m referring to! You can’t be that stupid! Or can you? She’s the one with those beautiful big black bouncy tits and that sexy black ass. The nigger, God damn it!”

Karen’s finger rose and pointed at one of the attending nurses. We all glanced toward Peggy. She was mortified, and terribly shaken by the incident.

“I know all about Peggy,” whispered Linus. His voice exuded suggestiveness. “Do you know all about Peggy? I do! Boy, is she ever stacked! Do you know all the things Peggy did before she was married? I can tell you plenty of weird things about this young woman.


She has quite a sexual track record. Would you like to know how many white men she went to bed with before she finally married that black slob of a husband? Did you know about that, preacher boy? Tell me! Listen to this, when Peggy gives head, she… .”

“We don’t want to hear any of your lies about Peggy or anyone else,” chided Rogers. “We only want to know everything about you! Tell us about yourself, Linus!”

“No!” Linus refused, “but I’ll tell you about her if you promise to leave me alone. Promise?”

“All right,” answered Rogers, “I’ll leave you alone for the time being, but I’m not interested in hearing your fabrications about Peggy. I’ll leave you alone. Just tell me all about you.”

After a long pause, Linus finally charged, “You are the one who is lying! You can’t fool me!” He became unresponsive and refused any further communication with Rogers.


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