The Devil and Karen Kingston

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“You are a no-good bunch of rotten bastards,” screamed the hate-filled voice from deep within Karen. The tiny little retarded girl was desperately trying to squirm and battle her way free. It was a pathetic sight to behold. “God damn you! God damn all of you! I’m not coming out! I’ve moved in and I’m staying! I’ve taken over! You are all rotten sons-of-bitches! Son-of-a-bitch! Son-of-a-bitch! Son-of-a-bitch!”

Then, with no warning whatsoever, Karen’s facial features relaxed and she stopped struggling. The demonic female voice from within became syrupy sweet. Karen turned her head, looked directly at me, and winked. Then she spoke, “Gosh, I feel good. You have all really been nice to me. I can’t thank you enough. You’re great people to be around. I’m glad you decided to bring me here and help me. I love you all so much.”

There was a momentary pause. She continued: “You can let me up now. It’s all over. Elizabeth is gone. Elizabeth has left. You can let me up. I’m perfectly okay now. Please, will you let me up?”

Both Father Tyson and Reverend Sutter glanced questioningly at Rogers. Richard moved his head slightly to answer no. Rogers knew, through innumerable previous experiences in his deliverance ministry, that it was the evil spirit making a concentrated attempt to deceive them. He firmly rebuked it in Jesus’ name and called it a liar.

Karen promptly changed once more. Her facial muscles tightened. She drew her lips together until they whitened, and then commenced to curse. Her body started to quiver. Horrible, ear-shattering screams came forth, again–and again–and again. Her face became grotesquely contorted and her eyes flashed with spite. “So, you goddamned imbeciles want to play a game, huh? Well, hold on tight you mother-fucking shit-eaters. I’m going to show you a thing or two!”

With this outburst, Karen’s body tensed and became rigid. She slowly raised herself up into mid-air. There she stayed, suspended, with Tyson and Sutter still in position, approximately five feet off the floor. Tyson just sat there gaping. He looked rather ridiculous with his long legs dangling from either side of Karen. It was exactly as if the Catholic priest were astride a horse. Sutter appeared to be much like a captive who had been shot, then draped across the horse in front of the rider.


Here we were, nine other astounded people, seeing with our unbelieving eyes, a frail, sixty-three pound child, being pinned to the floor by the combined weight of two huge men. Suddenly, little Karen was levitating while carrying this bulk–a total of five hundred and thirty-five pounds. And the diminutive child passively floated there for seven full minutes, while Tyson and Sutter, their eyes like saucers, grabbed and hung on for dear life.

Rogers remained calm throughout. This man was to be admired and respected. Nothing seemed to upset him. He continued on target and firmly commanded the evil entity to come forth. The chilling response was: “I am Satan! I am the Prince of Darkness! Remove your hands from this child’s head or be prepared to suffer the consequences! Remove them now!”

Then, again without prior warning, Karen’s body thrust forward in the air and struck Rogers in the chest. The impact of the blow knocked him down. Karen began to twitch slightly, then jerk more violently. The movements became so powerful that Tyson and Sutter were tossed from her levitating body as if they were but feathers in the wind. Both men landed with a loud thump. Tyson immediately got back up on his feet, but Sutter was unconscious.

Karen’s body then slowly drifted up to the ceiling where it hanged against the plaster. Another ten minutes passed before it began to descend. She was still having violent seizures that were getting worse by the second. Her body jerked and twisted as it finally rested on the floor. Rogers yelled to the others in the room. He needed assistance. Everyone, as terrified as they were at that moment, automatically responded. They all ran over and grabbed for Karen’s wildly thrashing body. She was bellowing profanities and continued to fight back with superhuman strength.

The little retarded child was now uncontrollable. She kicked, clawed, and screeched. Blasphemies filled the air. Her hair stood on end, each long strand was straight as an arrow. It was just as if a heavy charge of electricity were flowing through Karen’s body and out of her head. During this period, the demon Elizabeth also yelled out Biblical passages, interspersed regularly with a large selection of terrible curse words.

Dr. Julian Pershing tried to take Karen’s pulse. At first she wouldn’t be still long enough. Suddenly she stopped struggling. She smiled diabolically at the man of medicine. She no longer resisted and held out her right arm, a smirk on her face. “Go ahead my good doctor, do your thing.”


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