The Devil and Karen Kingston

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The unique spiritual battle portrayed in The Devil and Karen Kingston took place in East Tennessee, on April 13, 14, and 15, 1974.

One unusual aspect of this exorcism is with regard to the handwriting of thirteen year old Karen Kingston. Karen was retarded. Karen was unable to write. She had never learned how. And she did not even have the proper muscular control to do so.

Theoretically, according to ministers, theologians, and missionaries who have had much experience in this field, demonic entities have individual personalities. When confronted by a man or woman of God who is acting as an exorcist, the Satanic entity can, and does, completely take over the possessed individual’s personality.


When called forth in the name of Jesus Christ, the demon does react and is able to exert its supernatural power. The possessed person, for that time period (until the demon is either expelled or it withdraws), loses his or her own identity and becomes totally under subjection to the demon in thoughts, words, and physical mannerisms.

Handwriting is “brain-writing” say all the authorities that work in the fields of graphology and graphonalysis. George D. Steinert, widely read psychologist, graphoanalyst, and author, states that “all systems of handwriting analysis are based on the assumption that as a brain-controlled, expressive body movement, handwriting reflects in some way the dynamics of the human mind; that is, personality.” Gordon W. Allport, noted psychologist, declares, “There is a strong case to be made for handwriting analysis. It is … not merely handwriting, but also ‘brainwriting’.

Therefore, even though Karen Kingston was unable to write because of her advanced state of retardation, logic made me wonder if, while under the domination of a supernatural force during an exorcism ritual, Karen could in fact be made to write. It would, theoretically, be the alleged Satanic entity’s personality in complete control of the little girl’s mind, using her hands as its vehicle to produce readable script.


My theory was presented to a great number of exorcists and handwriting experts around the world. All agreed that as a hypothesis, Karen should, under these conditions, be able to write legibly, when the alleged spirit was commanded to perform this task in the name of Jesus Christ. Such an act, according to experienced exorcists, would be a simple thing for a demonic force to accomplish.


This is especially true since all such spiritual beings are credited with having superior intelligence and supernatural powers which are incomprehensible to mankind: levitation at will; making its host speak with male and female voices, defecate, vomit, convulse, blister, swell, blaspheme, speak fluently in Aramaic, Greek, German, Latin, etc.; and exhibit uncommon violence.

Therefore when the exorcism was initially organized, I arranged with the exorcist, Reverend Richard Rogers, to command the supposedly demonic entities to write at some point during the ordeal. Pens, pencils, and a variety of paper were placed within easy reach of the little girl. Allowing her to choose both the paper and the writing instrument was done at the request of the psychologist, Dr. Manley Fromme. He was more than a little interested in observing which pen or pencil and which type of paper Karen would select if and when her personality changed while under supposed demonic control.

As each possessing spirit revealed itself, Reverend Richard Rogers, the exorcist, would command it to write something. Thirteen separate entities were found to be residing in Karen. Eight of the spiritual forces responded by actually writing! The handwriting changed dramatically with each new manifestation of a demon. Of the other five Satanic soldiers:

*One would agree only to draw pictures.
*One merely printed.
*One printed-but more artistically.
*One vehemently refused to write anything.
*One said it couldn’t write. It had never bothered to learn how. It couldn’t even be made to draw pictures.


The case regarding the exorcism of Karen Kingston was first publicly revealed on Friday, July 26, 1974, at the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation’s annual convention in San Jose, California. Later, in July of 1975, it was brought to the attention of various outstanding members of the International Graphoanalysis Society during their 1975 Congress held in Chicago, Illinois; and again in September, 1975, at an IGAS State Chapter seminar in Lexington, Kentucky.


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