Associate professor of theology at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Received his PHD.in Systematic Theology in 1971 from Amsterdam Free University. Served as a pastor and evangelist in the Netherlands for 14 years.

“Modern medical science and psychiatry do not accept the reality of evil angels and therefore ascribe all mental and emotional disturbances to natural causes. Hence, a great many persons are never helped. Medicine, psychology, or psychiatry can not heal those who are possessed by evil spirits. Only Christ can deliver those. It is one of the most difficult problems in Christian counseling how one can establish the difference between mental illness and demonization or possession. But the reality of demon possession must not be denied!”



Editor of the “Protestant Journal” in Conway, Arkansas, Hampel is a widely traveled evangelist. He is the author of numerous books including “The Truth About Exorcism.”

“If you were to talk to most psychiatrists today about demonic possession, you might risk commitment to a hospital yourself. A German psychiatrist, who is a Christian, declares that he has seen cases of possession that cannot be explained from a psychiatric standpoint. Dr. Alfred Lechler declares that he ‘proceeds to expulsion’ in such instances. This often results in violent struggles of some hours’ duration, with flailing, screaming, mocking, cursing, especially when the blood of Christ is mentioned.’ I do not assert that all insanity or emotional instability is caused by demons. But it is the case many times.


If an individual is truly demon possessed as thousands are, the only hope is through exorcism. A psychiatrist cannot analyze the spirit out; a chiropractor cannot adjust it out; a surgeon cannot cut it out; nor can a doctor of internal medicine formulate some chemically compounded concoction which will rid the victim of a demon.”


Former director of Interfaith Witness on the Baptist Home Mission Board in Atlanta and presently campus minister-instructor at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. Widely respected as an expert on world religions and cults in America.

“The clergy and psychiatrists, as well as psychologists and others, are going to have to work closely together. More people are going to walk into a psychiatrist’s office and say they’re demonized. The psychiatrist can either respond by laughing or by taking the person seriously. If he takes it seriously, it may be helpful for him to try and determine if the patient is actually being affected by demons. He can watch for several of the diagnostic symptoms, which would include erratic behavior changes and oppression. I believe that these professionals should list demons as one of the classic psychotic disorders. It needs to be right in the middle of the list, or at least included as a footnote.”


Pastor of the United Apostolic Faith Church in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Widely regarded as the father of the deliverance ministry in North America. Author of numerous books including “The Kiss of Satan and Dominion Over Demons.”