“Could exorcism be utilized in mental institutions and retarded children’s homes? Yes, it can. I think there’s a big field here for Christian workers to bring deliverance to some who are in mental institutions and retarded children’s homes. I know of one lady in New York State who works amongst retarded children. She has often lovingly prayed for retarded children and seen remarkable improvement in them.

In 1965 I was invited to speak to the Boston chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. About two hundred people were present. Three ladies started to pray for a woman who had been brought from a mental home. All three were well taught in the ministry of deliverance and they started by binding and rebuking these insane demons, which immediately started coming out, screaming and arguing. We returned to the area about three years later and found the woman who had indeed been healed and was living a normal life.”


Widely known radio evangelist with a daily coast-to-coast broadcast, called the “Miracle Hour.” Author of the monthly “Faith in Action” magazine and numerous books. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Many psychiatrists now believe many of the mental problems people have are actually caused by a demon spirit. They actively seek out ministers to work with them to help deliver men, women, and children from demons. Some of these professionals now realize that demon spirits are the cause of much disease and many adverse mental conditions.”


Associate professor at Spertus College of Judaica in Chicago. This man is a foremost Jewish scholar and authority on demonology.

“I think exorcism could be used in mental institutions and retarded children’s homes. But this should be limited to treating people who think exorcism is the only kind of cure that will work on them after all others have been tried. And where psychiatrists and medical authorities who admit to the possibility of exorcism and possession, also admit all possible treatment has been given and has been found wanting. I hope the possibility for possession will be taken into account by practitioners of medicine and psychiatry.”



A missionary-statesman with a worldwide ministry of evangelism since 1934. Founded LeSea, Inc., which has headquarters in South Bend, Indiana. Editor of “World Harvest” magazine and author of many books including “Bitten by Demons” and “Seven Ways to Recognize Demon Fouler.”

“Demon possession sometimes reveals itself in forms of insanity, both temporary and complete. I know from many experiences that Christ can heal a mental patient as simply as He can heal a physical illness. Literally millions of people are being sent to psychiatrists by their doctors because the cause of their illness and suffering cannot be found. Of course, the reason medical treatment is impossible is because he source of the problem is spiritual.”


One of the world’s foremost exorcists, with over forty years of experience behind him. This man is a retired Church of England minister and now travels all over the world performing exorcisms. Author of “Experiences of a Present Day Exorcist.”

“Most people who think they need an exorcist really need only to see a psychiatrist. Christian exorcists should work closely with the medical profession. They should realize that all medical science is a divine gift just as much as exorcism. In my experience it has been easy to collaborate with psychiatrists and other professionals. Even those who do not believe in exorcism think an exorcist is of psychological value. I have always had ready collaboration from those in the various medical professions. The only real skepticism I have encountered has been from other clergymen.” EVANGELIST KENNETH O. COX

Former pastor, who turned evangelist in 1971, Cox is a gifted speaker who travels throughout the nation with the Seventh-day Adventist Prophecy Crusade. He holds degrees in theology, Biblical languages, history, and education.

“There are psychiatrists who do not believe in either God or the devil. They claim that there’s no such thing as devil possession. They would never be in a position to help someone who really was possessed. They’re out of touch! It would be beyond them. But you take a psychiatrist who has a close relationship with Christ, he can operate in this spiritual area. He can do what needs to be done.”